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Every skin is unique, as are its care needs. Yours deserves to be taken care of and pampered with products adapted to black and mixed skin. To help you define a complete routine according to your skin's needs, discover our online skin diagnosis . Zone by zone, you will find your ideal beauty routine.

Black skin diagnosis: essential for unified and luminous skin

If you want to have beautiful skin, you must start by knowing it well. Indeed, the needs of Nubian skin (black, dark and mixed) vary from the needs of white skin. With our free skin diagnosis , you will finally be able to understand the signs shown on your skin and respond to them with a suitable beauty ritual. Our online skin diagnosis is intended to be a simple and effective tool, accessible to everyone. You will be able to make the best choice among our topical application products for the correction of skin hyperpigmentation and imperfections, all while always respecting your original beauty.

Recognize your skin’s needs for a suitable skincare routine

The Nubiance online skin diagnosis is very quick to carry out. We will give you with certainty your skin type so that you can take care of it with the right products. Imperfections, lack of hydration, depigment spots, first signs of aging, excess sebum: these are all problems that we help you identify to better treat them. Depending on external aggressions and life changes, your skin's needs evolve and it is necessary to adopt the right actions. Is your skin prone to blemishes and brown spots? Is it dry, fragile and lacking in elasticity? Is your complexion dull and dehydrated, are your pores dilated? Our skin diagnosis allows you to say goodbye to all these problems!

A facial treatment for every problem

Anti-aging care, eye contour, dull complexion, shine in the T zone: Nubiance dermocosmetic products cover all your skin's needs. We select the best ingredients, with high quality active ingredients, to help you regain your healthy glow. Your skin is nourished, luminous and unified. We formulate facial and body treatments for black skin , which are suitable for all skin types (dry, combination or oily). Our cocktail of natural and high-performance ingredients provides your epidermis with everything it needs to maintain its natural balance and health, and enhance its beauty. Thanks to our simple and personalized advice, find smooth and soft skin texture for more radiance.

Tailor-made care with our online skin diagnosis!

Whether you are looking for a complete beauty routine or specific treatment , our online skin diagnosis will help you choose the most suitable products from our Nubiance range. Serum, moisturizing cream, body lotion, anti-imperfection and anti-dark spot treatment, cleansing gel, micellar water: these are all treatments that will help you solve your skin problems! Mature, dry, young or oily skin will find what it is looking for in our cutting-edge cosmetic treatments . Without having to test dozens of products until you find one that is more or less suitable, you have direct access to the best dermocosmetics for black and mixed skin . As these skins are thicker and more pigmented, they are also more fragile and prone to specific conditions. This is why all our treatments are formulated using the latest generation molecules and active ingredients .