Pierced pimple on black skin: how to reduce hyperpigmentation?

Bouton percé sur peau noire : comment atténuer l'hyperpigmentation ?

Hyperpigmentation spots are a real problem for women with black or mixed skin. There are many causes of these skin imperfections, such as age, excessive exposure to the sun, hormonal variations… but also skin trauma: burns, wounds and especially pierced or crushed pimples. These spots are more pronounced in women with dark skin color , as it produces a large amount of melanin. It should be noted that this biological pigment is responsible for the coloring of the skin.

What are the causes of these pigment spots?

In mixed skin, the excessive production of melanin promotes the appearance of pigment spots, especially on the face. These are more or less brown traces making the skin uneven and dull. It should be noted that this biological pigment has an anti-inflammatory role. So when your skin suffers from inflammation, melanin activates to perform its protective function. Therefore, brown streaks are formed and accentuated quickly. This is called post inflammatory hyperpigmentation .

Then there are the pigmentary scars that generally affect acne-prone skin. After the acne breakout , the pimples invade the face and take time to disappear. Avoid popping the pimples, otherwise a lesion will appear. Therefore, the skin will produce more melanin to be able to heal quickly. Hence the appearance of even more pronounced brown spots.

In addition, hyperpigmentation spots disappear very slowly. Fortunately, Nubiance offers skincare and beauty products to remove spots and scars . Even better, our products were designed to address the root causes of hyperpigmentation.

Our tips for removing stains left by pierced pimples

Do you suffer from acne scars and pigment spots on your face? We recommend that you consult a dermatologist to identify the causes and remedy them. You can then use the anti-dark spot and anti-blemish products offered by Nubiance, the specialist in the health and beauty of black, matt and mixed skin.

To give you smooth and even skin, we offer anti-blemish and unifying products made in dermocosmetic laboratories. These are ultra-targeted products for the face, armpits or body in order to overcome the traces left by pierced pimples.

First, we suggest that you use our anti-acne range composed of gel, lotion and cream with exfoliating, purifying and healing properties. Our advice: when you see pimples on your skin, avoid piercing or crushing them. This will cause inflammation and the lesion will be even more serious. Your skin will take time to heal and the spots left behind will be more prominent.

Once these pimples have been effectively treated, adopt our anti-dark spot ritual to make your skin smooth and silky. Know that we offer products for every part of the body and every type of skin. Our ranges are composed of unifying milk , anti-stain serum , moisturizer and sunscreen to nourish, protect and care for your skin.

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