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Frottement des cuisses : comment prévenir et soulager les irritations cutanées en cas de chaleur ?

Le frottement des cuisses, parfois désigné sous le terme de "frottement cutané", représente une problématique fréquente, notamment lors des journées chaudes où la transpiration de la peau s'intensifie. Ce phénomène peut entraîner des irritations, des...

Routine visage peau noire : 7 astuces pour glow up avant la rentrée

Fini les vacances. Le mois de septembre arrive en grande pompe, cela veut dire qu’il est temps de prendre de bonnes résolutions et d’adopter une routine visage pour peau noire ! Voici 7 astuces pour...

Brown spots: Nubiance, the gentle way to radiant skin

Who doesn't dream of having radiant, even and flawless skin ? Dark spots , whether due to the sun, age or other factors, can sometimes tarnish this quest for skin perfection.

Prepare your skin for back to school: essential tips for a radiant complexion

Ready for back-to-school ? Now is the perfect time to pamper your skin! After the madness of summer, sun, heat and all that stuff, your skin deserves a little boost. In this article, we give...

What is the lifespan of sunscreen?

Maybe you rarely ask yourself the question. You are not the only one. Many are in the habit of keeping their sun protection on for years. Unfortunately in the long term, the lifespan of a...

Which cosmetic active ingredients are incompatible with the sun?

Ending up with brown spots or sunburn on the face is never pleasant. Due to a lack of knowledge, we sometimes apply cosmetic active ingredients avoid when exposed to the sun . Discover the list of ingredients to avoid...

What are the effects of heat on the skin?

The weather affects your skin more than you think. The heat can cause heat rashes , dehydration and even cases of dermatitis . Find out more about these skin problems and their origins.

Anti-acne diet: what foods should be favored to have beautiful skin?

A regular skincare routine does not automatically guarantee healthy skin. Your diet also plays a crucial role in the health of your skin . Certain nutrients can naturally prevent and treat acne . Discover the...

Heat rash in adults: causes and treatment

Heat rashes usually appear in summer in children and adults, on friction areas. How to identify them? Difference with other skin problems ? How to treat them effectively? We tell you everything!

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