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Bakuchiol: an effective active ingredient against acne in black to dark skin
Do you want to have beautiful skin and get rid of your imperfections? We have a solution for you. Bakuchiol can help you regain your skin's elasticity and firmness. It is a chemical compound used...
Heat rash in adults: causes and treatment
Heat rashes usually appear in summer in children and adults, on friction areas. How to identify them? Difference with other skin problems ? How to treat them effectively? We tell you everything!
Black skin face routine: 7 tips to glow up before the start of the school year
Finished the holidays. The month of September is coming with great fanfare, which means it's time to make good resolutions and adopt a facial routine for black skin ! Here are 7 tips for finding...
Dermatologist and acne on black skin: Understanding its role
Acne on black skin, although sharing similarities with other skin types, has specific characteristics that require an expert approach. Referring to a dermatologist specializing in acne then becomes imperative.
Acné inflammatoire adulte : Comment se débarrasser des boutons ?
L’acné peut prendre différentes formes en fonction de la gravité, de l’âge, du stade d’évolution ou du contexte hormonal. Acné juvénile polymorphe, acné inflammatoire de l’adulte, acné kystique, acné hormonale, autres types, acné de la grossesse… Ce...
Sebaceous filaments: how do they differ from blackheads?
In the family of “imperfections that we could do without” , we have the sebaceous filaments and their false twins, the blackheads . Although in appearance they appear to be nearly identical, they differ in...
Excess sebum on black skin: causes and solutions
This info will surprise you: sebum is not the enemy of our epidermis ! However, the excess sebum on black skin can become a complex when left untreated. Why your skin produces sebum in large quantities ? What skincare routine to put in...
Essential oils and acne: an effective solution
Essential oils have many benefits for the skin and are becoming essential in beauty routines. But did you know that some of them can help treat acne and relieve blemishes in acne-prone skin ? Discover...
Removing age spots: the best techniques
As the years pass, the appearance of brown spots on your face and body increases. Called age spots , these areas of pigment discoloration are linked to repetitive sun exposure. Although they cannot be completely...
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