Who are we
The Nubiance brand
Nubiance is performance above all. We meet the specific needs of dark, black and mixed skin with cutting-edge research and development, which we want to make accessible to as many people as possible.

Nubian's story

Specialist in Nubian skins (matte, mixed and black skins), our products particularly target skin problems such as pigment spots and imperfections of acne-prone skin.
We control the entire development chain of our products, from formulation to production, and carry out clinical studies with independent centers of expertise in France and Africa.

Opening on the world

Treatments imported from other parts of the world are not necessarily suitable for use under the sun. Especially since effective treatments to fight against acne and pigment spots can be dangerous if they are not compatible with UV exposure. It is on this principle that Nubiance was created and developed. Our products are specifically formulated with active ingredients that are not photosensitizing.

Made in France
Clean formulas
Guaranteed results
not tested on animals