Your advantages

- Your point of sale highlighted on our website (nearly 50,000 visits per month) and our pharmacy networks (more than 200 pharmacies in France)!

- Products with clinically proven efficacy and available on the shelf from €3.00 to €28.90 !

- A differentiating proposal adapted to matte and mixed black skin

- Resale coefficients of 1.7 on average!

- Your placement is risk-free with a repurchase of your stock in case of unsold*

Why become a Nubiance reseller?

Our ambition is to establish a lasting and profitable partnership for our two activities. For this, our team offers training, regular monitoring and sales support tools .

“Short range, easy to advise. Customers see results after 4 to 6 weeks, so they are satisfied and stick with the Nubiance range”

Mariata, Parapharmacy Manager, Space Pharmacy (Mureaux 78)

“We have been partners since September 2019 and there have been a lot of sales from the listing on the site. »

Thibault Tragin, Holder, Space Pharmacy

"Regularly trained by the laboratory, the whole team is able to answer customer questions about the Nubiance range"

Anissa, Advisor, ParaOne Parapharmacy (Clayes-sous-bois 78)


Scientifically recognized assets. Selected for their performance and their innovative character


We guarantee the absence of side effects. Our ingredients are the safest (toxicological context and established cosmetovigilance)


We respect the original beauty and guarantee long-term results


We guarantee affordable prices because having beautiful skin should be accessible to as many people as possible.