How do I get rid of microcystic acne on my Nubian skin?

acné microkystique peau nubienne

In our lives (and at any age, you will quickly understand), we can go through phases of acne where pimples and imperfections appear on our face. It depresses us, it itches, our face is dry, thirsty for solutions and we can't necessarily identify which acne it is. Have you ever thought about microcystic acne? In this article, the Nubiance team explains everything about this type of acne and offers you solutions to get rid of your pimples and avoid scars afterwards!

What is microcystic acne?

Blackheads mean something to you. You have it on the T zone of the face (forehead, eyebrows, nose, chin), and for this, you know that ACT-5 is the (miracle) product you need! But what about the whiteheads (that’s it, we can already imagine you rolling your eyes). Now we're starting to look at microcystic acne, get ready! Depending on the periods of our life and depending on several factors mentioned on the origins of acne, our skin can produce an overproduction of sebum which will clog the pores and create these inflammations that you are familiar with, namely:

  • Blackheads
  • Comedones
  • Microcysts

Without going into details (because we know that the terms used will confuse you and you will no longer advance on the subject), we would like to explain to you, in our words, how to recognize this acne. Microcystic acne on your black, dark or mixed skin could consist of pimples "under the skin" which look like granules but whose tips are not white and do not contain pus." It is caused by accumulation in the hair follicle of sebum and keratin which cannot come out and flow. If these pimples can go unnoticed by those around you, we can guess your displeasure when you see them appear because they create relief on your skin and give you a feeling of dermis that is neither smooth nor clean. A category of so-called severe acne whose persistence is more resistant and its appearance more subtle.

Male model

How to recognize microcystic acne?

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We explained it to you in this article, to start treating your acne and before finding solutions, it is essential to know the causes and origin of your pimples.

To do this, several solutions are available to you: keep a logbook noting the periods when your acne is more evident (this may be your menstrual cycle), note the types of foods that give you relief. acne and stay attentive to your skin and the changes it undergoes (diet, lifestyle, lack of a beauty routine, need for hydration, etc.)

But when it comes to microcysts, they are easy to recognize: You do not have red spots or ones that contain pus, and they may appear invisible to others. But nevertheless, when you pass your hand (clean, to avoid any risk), you feel granules or like small balls that are hard to the touch. These are definitely microcysts.

Generally speaking, microcysts appear on very specific areas of the face: the cheeks, forehead, chin and around the lips.

If you want to check that it is indeed microcystic acne, take a lamp (the flash on your phone works too), and see if it creates small hard balls, without it being red or white.

If your skin has relief and it is not scarring or dark spots, it is highly likely that you are suffering from this category of acne. But don't panic, the Nubiance team has worked together to find solutions for you and make these pustules disappear on your pretty black, dark or mixed face.

What solutions for microcystic acne?

Skin cleansing

First, don't touch. Like, really don't touch it at all. Except to a specialist, who could clean the skin using a small incision. Don't worry, the doctor in question is capable of carrying out this type of operation and will take care to protect your skin as best as possible to limit scarring and inflammation. Its objective is to “open” the micro cyst slightly to extract its contents and empty it of bad bacteria. To avoid skin infection, he will disinfect your spots throughout the session and will explain to you how to act afterwards. Please note that you should not plan a date for the coming days because your skin may be very red and makeup is strongly discouraged to avoid clogging your pores. Skin cleansing for mycrocystic acne should be carried out once a quarter so as not to damage your skin too much. The disadvantages of this type of solution should nevertheless be noted. The price can be high (ranging from €100 to €200 for a session), time must be devoted depending on your type of acne and the condition of your skin (better to allow 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes), and the scars can persist if the doctor in question was not able to properly heal your pimples and disinfect them sufficiently. So many reasons to go to someone who is used to carrying out this type of experience!

Adopt the right actions

We'll keep it short for you because you already know the principle: we don't touch our spots or our microcysts. Although very tempting because they are invisible, you risk (99%) creating a secondary infection and ending up with a red spot even though the "granule" seemed tiny at first glance. You will also inevitably have scars, which, we know, becomes problematic on your black, dark or mixed skin, because your phototype makes you more marked than another category of skin (it's always unfair, we know! ). We also remember to clean your smartphone well (especially at the moment), because it is on the surface that all the bacteria will migrate and give you pimples on your cheeks. Pillowcases and household linen should also be washed very, very often to avoid accumulating dirt and therefore clogging your pores.

How to get rid of microcysts?

Act 5 intense treatment

At Nubiance, there is an effective solution for every skin problem! To get rid of your microcystic acne for good, you will have to take steps and follow them (it's very simple, you'll see). The objective is really to get your skin used to new products and to adapt it to gentle gestures and a similar ritual every day to avoid worries and the rebound effect!

Step 1: Clean your face with Micelliance water

This step will allow you to tone your skin, remove makeup, cleanse it and get rid of all your impurities accumulated during the night or day. Simple and effective, one or two drops on a cotton pad or fresh cloth, to pass in a circular manner on the face, morning and evening.

Step 2: Your ACT-5 anti-acne treatment

If you have read our article on Fa Biente, you know that the blogger with a thousand secrets loves this product for blackheads, comedones and micro-cysts. It is thanks to ACT-5 that he was able to regain clear and smooth skin! So, neither one, nor two, a dab of cream to apply to the areas affected by your acne and the results will be visible very quickly!

"ACT-5 is an exclusive combination of three active ingredients targeting the five factorial causes and consequences of moderate to severe acne in dark black and mixed skin. It also works on Caucasian skin. It restores barrier functions, prevents bacterial proliferation, smoothes the skin's texture, preserves the quality of sebum (squalene) by protecting it against pro-inflammatory oxidation and reduces pigment spots due to imperfections. ACT-5 does not dry out the skin and has excellent anti- age."

Step 3: We prevent the appearance of scars and brown spots

One of the main problems of your black, dark or mixed skin is the creation of brown spots which are due to scars in the majority of cases.

If you have acne, microcystic or otherwise, you will inevitably have small marks in the long term because your face marks more quickly. To avoid future hassles, get a head start with Nubiance and opt for a complete anti-dark spot ritual for clinically proven effectiveness! This complete three-care ritual will allow you to even out your complexion and get rid of, as well as prevent, brown spots and colored scars on your face, neck, décolleté and hands.
In 28 days, 95% of our clients noticed remarkable effects and an improvement in their skin, including a reduction in their scars and spots. So, here we go, we finally treat this (damn, sorry) micro-cystic acne and we opt for solutions finally adapted to our Nubian skin!

⭐ Do you have microcystic acne and you don't know how to get rid of it? Have you tested our products and would like to send us your “before and after”? Let's go ! The Nubiance team will be delighted to share your opinion and advise you!


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