Skin rash and allergies: how to soothe the skin?

Eruption cutanée et allergies : comment apaiser la peau ?

Itching, eczema, red patches… rashes often come from an allergy and can affect people at any age. Allergy can be caused by contact with an allergen or by ingestion. Follow our advice to soothe the itching and make pimples and red patches disappear quickly.

How does a rash manifest?

Symptoms of a skin allergy can vary from person to person. But there are two most common forms which are:

Allergic contact eczema : when you come into contact with an allergen, your body protects itself with various reactions such as dry skin, blistering red patches or scabs. Do not panic ! These rashes disappear after a few days without leaving any scars.

Hives : this is the fastest form of a skin allergy where you very quickly find yourself covered with red patches with relief. Hives appear only 15 to 30 minutes after exposure and disappear within a few hours.

The different possible allergens

It's not just contact skin allergies that can cause breakouts. Many allergens can trigger a skin allergy. In order to better choose the most suitable treatment, you need to know the precise cause of your allergy. Otherwise, you may experience chronicity.

Pimples, red patches and skin lesions can be caused by:

  • A contact allergy: creams, household products or even textile products.
  • A food allergy: there are many cases of sudden rashes due to a food that you do not tolerate. This is often the case in babies and toddlers.
  • A drug allergy: generally caused by an antibiotic, a drug allergy can also come from a simple analgesic.
  • An allergy to animal hair: Hair from animals like cats and dogs can cause skin rashes.

It should be noted that allergens such as pollen rarely cause a rash. Symptoms are often conjunctivitis and allergic rhinitis.

How to calm an allergic reaction on the skin?

To calm rashes such as pimples and red patches, often accompanied by itching, avoid all contact with the product or allergen causing the allergic reaction.

Also avoid scratching at the risk of aggravating the lesions. If the infected area becomes oozing, healing may take many days.

Then, always remember to consult a doctor to follow the appropriate treatment. This may consist of a cream, ointment or oil to be applied as well as an antihistamine medication.

In the meantime, you can apply a compress soaked in cold water to the lesions to soothe the itching. Be careful, an allergic reaction should never be taken lightly, since in some cases it can lead to more serious symptoms such as:

  • Fever
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • diarrhea
  • Vomitings
  • breathing difficulties

How to take care of your skin after a skin allergy?

Rashes tend to dry out the skin. So, it is important to hydrate it well on a daily basis. That's not all, you need to take care of your pimple-covered skin so that it regenerates quickly once the allergy passes.

At Nubiance, we have developed an anti-imperfection range to help your skin get rid of rashes, but above all to return to its initial state quickly and without sequelae.

We therefore advise you to cleanse your face well morning and evening in order to eliminate impurities, let the skin breathe and regenerate properly. Use our Micelliance micellar water which will purify your skin by getting rid of make-up, pollution, sweat and sebum particles.

For totally purified and clear skin, you can also use our Cleanactyl gentle cleansing gel. Enriched with active ingredients, it will deeply cleanse the skin, restore balance and regain a neutral pH to prevent bacteria and microbes from developing.

By having clean, healthy skin, rashes will subside more easily. Especially since the risk of traces or scars is almost zero. Do not hesitate to make a gentle exfoliation all over the body and face.

Our soap-free, pH-neutral Exfoclear AHA exfoliating gel helps refine and smooth skin texture to eliminate all traces of breakouts. This will allow you to cover the natural look of your skin. What's more, this mix of enzymatic scrub and mechanical scrub is very effective in unclogging pores and promoting cell renewal.

Don't forget to apply moisturizer to soothe your skin after feelings of dryness and itchiness. By applying this ritual every day, your skin will not suffer from the effects of allergic rashes for long.

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