Understand and treat the pregnancy mask on black, matte and mixed skin

Comprendre et traiter le masque de grossesse sur peau noire, mate et métissée

At the house of Nubiance , we always take the time to listen to you and advise you. And among the problems on black, matte and mixed skin, there is one that comes up often: that of the pregnancy mask! To explain this skin concern in detail, its origin and the effective treatments to make it disappear, we have devoted an entire article to it!

What is the pregnancy mask?

If you are pregnant and between future mothers, you have probably already heard of the pregnancy mask. you may panic and start to find solutions upstream to avoid damaging your skin.

Also called " chloasma ", the pregnancy mask is the cause of an overproduction of hormones when you are pregnant (logical!). These hormones will play a role on melanin by multiplying it and will create these small brown spots that appear on your face .

Very common in pregnant women, it is nevertheless useful to treat it in order to avoid keeping its spots after the birth of the child. This problem is all the more recurrent in women with black, dark or mixed skin because their skin has more melanin and is in fact likely to mark a little more than Caucasian type skin.

Generally appearing between the 4th and 6th month of pregnancy, the pregnancy mask is easily recognizable on Nubian skin. If you don't have any old spots, you see new ones, and they aren't the result of either acne or sun scarring, it's bound to be the pregnancy mask.

The areas where the pregnancy mask is placed are generally located on the face, in particular on your forehead, your cheekbones, your cheeks or even around your lips.

Prevent the risk of pregnancy mask

Protect yourself from the sun: the role of an SPF

We explained it to you just above, the pregnancy mask is linked to an overproduction of melanin, due to female hormones. Throughout pregnancy, the sun can also have an impact on your skin and accelerate the development of this phenomenon. You must therefore take care to protect your skin from the sun (even if you are not pregnant).

It is therefore recommended to apply a good SPF every day to protect your black, matte and mixed skin. It is necessary to insist on the areas of the face favorable to the pregnancy mask and do not forget to put some on the neck, the décolleté and the hands to avoid future stains.

Once your sunscreen has been applied, it will be essential not to over-exposure. As you know, the sun is a false best friend. So you can take advantage of its rays, but in the shade, for example by wearing a hat, a cap and encouraging the wearing of sunglasses.

Avoiding continuous exposure to the sun and UVA and UVB rays will allow you to slow down the production of melanin and thus avoid the appearance of those famous brown spots that you know so well.

A little advice from our team of experts : also avoid applying perfumes and scented creams directly to your skin. Their alcohol content can make them incompatible with the sun and could attack your skin. Also promote an impeccable lifestyle ( especially pregnant, we don't teach you anything ), making sure to hydrate your body well both from the outside and the inside by drinking plenty of water ( 1.5L per day on average ).

How to make your pregnancy mask disappear?

It was already too late when you read this article and unfortunately the stains are already installed? That's good, hyperpigmentation spots, in Nubiance knows us.

As a general rule, these spots disappear once you have given birth, but it sometimes happens that certain spots persist on your skin, especially when it is rich in melanin (reminder: Nubian skin marks more than other skin phototypes) .

So it's time to prevent these spots and make them disappear for good!

At the house of Nubiance , several possibilities are available to you:

- HRB-3 Hyperpigmentation Correcting Care - Day Formula :

This treatment aims to fade pigment spots by slowing down the production of melanin and protecting you from UVA and UVB rays. It combines our HRB-3 formula with a powerful SPF30 sunscreen. Thanks to this treatment, your skin will be smoother, clearer and protected from all the inconveniences of the sun in order to regain your natural radiance. This cream leaves no white marks on the skin and the results are visible in 8 days. Enough to melt for this miracle product!

To be applied in the morning for an optimization of the results and a reduction and prevention of brown spots.

Product benefits:

  • Helps regulate melanin production
  • Offers very high protection against UVA and UVB
  • Hydrates and evens out the complexion
  • Tighten skin pores

- Radiance Serum Preparing Anti-Dark Spots HRB-3 with fruit acids

This HRB-3 Anti-Dark Spot Preparatory Radiance Serum is an exfoliating treatment that is used as a cure for 10 to 15 days per month. Apply it in a targeted manner on the pigment spots to prevent and correct the appearance of your pregnancy or other spots. We advise you to combine it with the other HRB-3 Day Formula and HRB-3 Night Formula treatments for better results!

Ciao dead skin that gives you spots and offers a dull and uneven complexion! Fruit acids combined with our formula quickly fade spots and prevent skin aging!

To be applied in a targeted way on the spots, once a day, preferably in the evening and on cleansed and dry skin.

Product benefits:

  • Accelerated cell regeneration thanks to a gentle peeling action
  • Attenuation of pigment spots and hyperpigmentations of various origins
  • Reinforcement of the skin barrier.

- HRB-3 Face & Hand Hyperpigmentation Corrector, Night Formula

Your skin has a much better chance of nourishing itself and your cells renewing themselves overnight. We therefore opt for this treatment specially designed to prevent dark spots and fade them while you sleep. When you wake up, your skin is smoother, clearer, plumped and well hydrated.

Thanks to its exclusive HRB-3 formula combined with a powerful antioxidant and repairing active ingredient (Synastol® TC, Haritaki fruit extract), the HRB-3 night formula hyperpigmentation corrector care acts on your pigment spots when you sleep. Its antiperoxidase activity takes effect during the night and thus boosts the natural cell renewal of the skin. It stimulates collagen synthesis, while reducing the activity of collagenases.

A real makeover for your skin!

Product benefits:

  • Detoxifies the skin thanks to an ultra-efficient antioxidant and antiglycation system
  • Repairs the skin and restores radiance to the complexion
  • Tighten skin pores

Here too, to be applied once a day, before going to sleep, on cleansed and dry skin.

All these treatments are part of a  beauty ritual that complements and adapts to your routine in order to fight against pregnancy mask.

For more results and to fade / prevent dark spots quickly and effectively, we advise you to combine them and opt for the complete anti-dark spot ritual! 3 products that will act deeply (but gently) on your Nubian skin, protecting and moisturizing it. And to say, it's our bestseller!

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