Vegetables good for the skin to know!

légume bon pour la peau

To say that healthy skin comes from the plate is not a slogan, but a reality. Having a daily routine for your skin is a good thing, but taking care of your diet is just as good. Discover 10 skin-friendly vegetables to incorporate into your eating habits!

vegetable good for the skin

10 skin-friendly vegetables

The carrot

It is found as a starter, main course and sometimes as a dessert. In addition to delighting our taste buds, the carrot beautifies our skin thanks to its many virtues.

Its high vitamin A content increases the production of collagen and elastin . Consuming it on a regular basis strengthens the firmness of the skin and prevents skin aging .

In addition, it is a vegetable good for the skin because it gives a healthy glow ! To prove the effectiveness of carrots, two twins did a test. One of them had to eat carrots regularly and the other didn't. After 30 days, the result was obvious! The one who ate carrots every day not only looked better, but her skin also showed fewer skin imperfections .

The salad

If you only ate it in the summer, that's a reason to convince you to eat it every season. All varieties of salads contain:

  • Vitamin A: the ally par excellence to fight against a dull complexion ;
  • Vitamin B and C: they contribute to the slowing down of skin aging .

The red pepper

Eaten raw or fried, red pepper is a radiance booster for the skin. It has antioxidant properties and is rich in vitamin B6 and carotenoids . In addition to improving blood circulation, it helps keep skin young and glowing.

In addition, its consumption is recommended for people who suffer from acne, because the carotenoids limit their appearance.

the lawyer

You are probably telling yourself that this food is an intruder on this list. Indeed, the avocado is a fruit in the botanical sense of the term. But since it is consumed as a vegetable , it would be a shame not to tell you about its benefits for the skin.

Avocado pulp promotes collagen formation and has a smoothing and plumping effect on the skin. It reduces scars and signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging skin. In addition, you can apply it as a mask on the face to treat psoriasis and eczema problems.

The seaweeds

Love them or hate them, seaweed is a skin-friendly vegetable . They protect the epidermis against external aggressions and UV rays.

Green algae has nourishing and anti-inflammatory properties. The red algae moisturizes the skin and helps fight against skin aging . As for the black algae , it also has moisturizing, remineralizing and anti-aging properties.

Reishi mushroom

Do you want to anticipate the signs of aging? Eat Reishi mushrooms ! Your skin will love this food for 4 reasons:

  • It has moisturizing properties;
  • It acts on skin aging ;
  • It reduces redness ;
  • It protects the skin against external aggressions.


You may have been one of those people who were choosy when it came to eating spinach . If this is still the case today, it will surely change! Here are the reasons why it is a good vegetable for the skin :

  • They make it possible to fight against acne ;
  • They have an anti-aging effect;
  • They strengthen the skin cells against external aggressions.

The tomato

If there is one food that solves a good number of skin problems, it is the tomato ! Composed of 95% water, this fruit offers many benefits to the skin:

  • It hydrates the skin ;
  • It tightens the pores ;
  • It fights against acne ;
  • It boosts the radiance of the complexion ;
  • It relieves irritation;
  • It reduces sebum production .

The cucumber

Ideal for oily skin, cucumber hydrates the skin and gives it radiance. Plus, it tightens pores, diminishes the appearance of blackheads, and regulates sebaceous glands . You can consume it or apply it as a mask on the face after cutting it into slices.


Broccoli is eaten all year round. However, it is more accessible between the months of June and November. This vegetable rich in various vitamins contributes to cell renewal and helps fight against wrinkles .

Now you know 10 skin-friendly vegetables ! In addition to enhancing the beauty and radiance of your skin, their regular consumption will help you keep the line and stay in shape.

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