Hydration on Nubian skin during summer: myth or reality?

hydratation peau nubienne été

I have Nubian skin: should I hydrate?

Let's start with the beginning. Yes, your black, matte or mixed skin needs hydration as much as any other skin phototype. On a daily basis, your skin needs to be nourished. To avoid tight, itchy, or irritated skin, consider applying your body lotion every night or morning.

Zoom on all the tips to know to nourish your skin and protect it during the summer!

Moisturize your black, matte or mixed skin after the sun


The sun, UV rays. So many rules to follow for black, matt and mixed skin. Because yes, your Nubian skin needs as much protection as fair skin, but in a different way. And if that intrigues you, take a look at this article, which lists all the tips on exposure for dark skin.
After exposure, our skin tends to be more fragile and sensitive. With or without sunburn, it feels hot and dry. So, it's time to take care of it, to nourish it, to cherish it to restore its radiance and the hydration it deserves!

Step 1: Does the shower dry my black, matte or mixed skin?


Washing after the sun to get rid of chlorine from the pool, irritating grains of sand and leftover filters from your sunscreen is essential. Because against all popular belief, washing will not dehydrate your skin, on the contrary. We take a real shower with a soft gel, with a neutral and non-irritating pH before applying our body cream.

This will allow you to get rid of your impurities to hydrate it more for the rest of your beauty routine. Provided of course, not to wash 46 times a day (for you, and for the planet) and to use products that suit you. At Nubiance, we advise you to opt for natural cleansing gels, without soap. It will foam less but it will wash better, without drying your skin too much!

Step 2: Drink water to stay hydrated

You are told all day long that you have to drink water. 1.5L we are told. No cliché or received idea on this fact, by hydrating your body from the inside, you will allow your skin to detox and nourish itself at the same time. Because drinking water is also a daily habit to adopt to avoid pimples and imperfections on your black, dark or mixed skin!

Take out your gourds, all year round, to take care of your skin and prevent skin aging.

Drink water

Step 3: Moisturize your skin with food


In summer, we often crave fresh produce, salads, light dishes, fruit platters and crunchy vegetables. That's good, it's what your skin needs to fill up with hydration from the inside. Opt for vegetables and fruits that are full of water, such as cucumber, tomatoes, melon, watermelon. You can compose your salads endlessly for an ideal hydration combo to nourish your Nubian skin.

NB: Here too, a healthy and balanced diet is to be adopted throughout the year. By caring for the inside, you will allow your body to cleanse itself and thus get rid of imperfections, pimples and impurities.

Step 3: Moisturize your skin with food

We do not forget the body, because it is as much, if not more, exposed than the face. We then think of applying a soft lotion, which will prevent the skin from pulling and becoming irritated.
At Nubiance, we already have our favourite, the one that has worked miracles against dark spots and soothes your skin in an instant: Nubiance body milk. In large format, it allows you to be used every day to guarantee a soft, silky and nourished Nubian skin. In short, you will understand, we love it!

So, after the sun, we adopt the same routine on our tanned skin thanks to the body milk. Just after your shower, a dab for each part of the body and a boost of radiance thanks to the HRB-3 anti-dark spot care ritual. An ideal beauty combo for your black, matte or mixed skin, which deserves our full attention! A good way to avoid blemishes and reduce hyper pigmentation spots on your skin!

Hydrate your skin

Does the sun promote imperfections on black, matte or mixed skin?


Every summer, it's the same story. You discover that your pimples, acne and blemishes disappear after the first UV rays. But be careful, your black, matte and mixed skin is playing tricks on you and preparing its rebound effect for the start of the school year.
At Nubiance, your skin is our priority, you know it. So, summer and winter, we continue our skincare routine. If you have acne, blemishes, uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation spots, continue your ritual. This will prevent you from the rebound effect of the start of the school year and the reappearance of your skin problems.

And to explain it to you, we prefer to take the time to write a nice article that explains all the steps to follow to avoid finding your imperfections at the start of the school year.
So, are you following us?

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