Our tips for taking care of your skin on the plane

Nos conseils pour prendre soin de sa peau en avion

Are you planning to fly soon? Think about your skin! Indeed, if the outdoor humidity level on the ground is 60 to 80%, it decreases drastically and reaches only 20% in an airplane cabin. Your skin is then highly exposed to dryness. It is strongly advised to prepare your skin well for the trip and to moisturize it throughout the flight in order to keep a fresh, luminous complexion and hydrate on landing.

To drink a lot of water

The dry air in an airplane dangerously attacks the skin and very quickly begins the feeling of tightness. This excessive dryness stimulates sebum production and can promote the formation of pimples or irritation later on. To better preserve the hydration of your skin, it is recommended to favor water over other sugary or alcoholic drinks, especially during the flight.

Combine moisturizing masks

Although it is advisable to apply a mask once or twice a week, if you plan to take a flight, applying a mask for at least 3 successive days before travel can be beneficial. However, before starting this beauty routine, it is important to free your skin of all impurities with a scrub or a gentle exfoliant.

You can use our Exfoclear face and body exfoliating gel to remove dead cells and stimulate cell renewal. Once the skin is rid of excess sebum, dead cells and all impurities, you can apply your moisturizing mask. It is even possible to put on a mask during the flight, especially in fabric.

exfoclear exfoliating gel

Apply moisturizer all over the body

On D-Day, it is advisable to regularly renew your moisturizing cream or serum after carefully cleansing your skin. To do so, we recommend without hesitation our high tolerance micellar water Micelliance which also exists in travel size. It will help you remove all impurities from your face for the duration of the flight.

We also suggest before, during and after your flight, the use of a light cream for easy and quick penetration, without a greasy finish. This fluid format is also more practical for application on all parts of the body. Indeed, it is not just the face that is attacked by dryness during a flight. Hands, arms, legs and feet are also prone to dehydration.

Insist on the most sensitive areas of the face

The face remains the area most exposed to dehydration during a flight. The eye contour and the lips are often neglected during the hydration ritual. It is therefore highly recommended to use an ultra nourishing lip balm to protect your lips from chapping. Also, don't forget your eye area! Applying moisturizing and anti-fatigue creams or patches around the eyes can help reduce signs of fatigue and dryness. This limits the appearance of dark circles and fine lines.

Protect the skin from various aggressions

Air travel is the perfect time to let your skin breathe. Make-up should be avoided as much as possible because foundation, mascara and beauty powders promote drying of the skin. To limit tightness and protect the skin from UV rays, you can regularly apply a moisturizer combined with sun protection adapted to your skin type. Indeed, at high altitude the sun's rays are even more aggressive. Our HRB-3 day care has the advantage of controlling the overproduction of melanin to prevent the appearance of brown spots, while protecting the skin thanks to its powerful SPF 30 sunscreen. Without a doubt, the right thing to do!

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