EYE RE-7®: the new generation eye contour

EYE RE-7® : le contour des yeux nouvelle génération

The grandmother's remedies acclaimed by women's magazines is good. Effective concealer treatments that guarantee visible results in less than 30 days are better. Are panda eyes ruining your life? We have developed for you THE product that will put an end to this complex: the EYE RE-7 ® multicorrector eye contour , alias the sworn enemy of your dark circles !


Why do we have dark circles?

Sometimes sleeping 8 hours a night, drinking 1.5 liters of water and placing slices of cucumbers on the eyelids is not enough. If you are one of those who have results by doing so, you are lucky! If not, it is important to understand the reasons why these dark circles do not disappear.

Poor blood and lymphatic circulation can be one of the causes of a dark eye area . Lymph is a transparent liquid that circulates in lymphatic vessels. Its role is to purify waste and bacteria.


When blood and lymphatic circulation is impaired, it causes hyperpigmentation in dark circles . Since the skin is thinner there, the accumulation of pigments is more noticeable.

Heredity, aging, hypodermic fat loss, and air pollution can also accentuate the appearance of dark circles .

What types of dark circles are identifiable in black, dark-haired and mixed-race women?

Dark circles

They are characterized by hyperpigmentation around the eyes . Dark circles present a maroon or brown appearance due to a localized hyperproduction of melanin. The main causes are genetic predispositions and significant sun exposure.


Dark circles

They are recognized when there is a sagging of the skin under the eyes. With the loss of tissue, the skin becomes very thin and reveals the blood vessels. Dark circles are blue or purple. Skin aging and heredity are the cause.


Dark circles or puffiness

They come from a dysregulation of the lymphatic tissues and poor blood circulation. Consequences: fat accumulates under the skin and blood vessels swell slightly. Swollen bags form under the eyes.


Mixed dark circles

This type of dark circles is most common in black, mixed-race and dark skin. It combines the characteristics of dark circles and dark circles. Their colors draw towards dark brown or purple.


What effective concealer treatments are there today?

The laser

This method is effective on dark circles . Depending on the degree of hyperpigmentation, it will be necessary to perform between 3 and 4 sessions.

Nevertheless, it has some drawbacks. It is forbidden to take anti-inflammatories such as aspirin 5 days before and after the injections so as not to increase the risk of hematoma. In addition, it is contraindicated in pregnant or breastfeeding women and patients undergoing immunotherapy.


Formulated with hyaluronic acid, the injections fill in dark circles. One hour before the session, the healthcare professional applies an anesthetic cream to reduce pain. This process takes between 15 and 30 minutes.

However, the result may be irregular and small balls may appear, because the skin is very thin in this area. With some hyaluronic acids, there may be bluish marks.



To reduce the appearance of dark circles caused by lack of sleep, a more or less deep peel may be an option. Its action will activate the renewal of the skin and improve the eye contour.

However, this operation presents a risk. The skin around the eyes is thinner than on the rest of the face. Because of this, a peel can cause secondary hyperpigmentation.

All of these treatments are expensive and require regular appointments with the dermatologist. The effects last on average between 8 to 12 months.
If you want to regain a radiant look without "breaking the bank", we suggest you opt for a concealer cream.

EYE RE-7® concealer treatment

The EYE RE-7 ® multicorrector eye contour , alias the fatal weapon for eliminating dark circles, has many advantages:

  1. It unifies the skin and corrects the accumulation of pigmentation in dark circles;
  2. It reduces the volume of bags under the eyes;
  3. It smooths and hydrates the eye contour area;
  4. It firms the eye contour and improves its appearance;
  5. After 28 days, more than 75% of women have seen convincing results and are satisfied with the product;
  6. As for the texture, it is light, fragrance-free, penetrates easily and is compatible with the application of make-up.

What explains its effectiveness is the presence of 7 active ingredients :

  • Caffeine, to stimulate blood circulation, reduce water retention and cause a decongestant effect;
  • Acetyl hexapeptide-8 (Argireline) to lift the skin;
  • Hyaluronic acid to smooth and firm the skin;
  • HydraSynol® DOI to reinforce the barrier function;
  • Bakuchiol to improve skin texture, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and reduce hyperpigmentation;
  • Hexylresoricnol to limit the production of melanin;
  • Synastol® TC to reduce the appearance of dark circles and boost collagen production.

How to properly apply the EYE RE-7® multicorrector eye contour?

Step 1: spread a small amount of cream around the eye area ;

Step 2: Lightly massage the area starting at the corner of the eye , then stretch the product towards the temples;

Step 3: exert light pressure on the eye contour , then tap a little to circulate the blood and allow good penetration of the treatment.

We recommend that you apply it morning and evening on clean, cleansed skin.


What you need to remember

Dark circles are common among Nubian women. They come in four different aspects: dark circles, hollow, mixed and puffiness . The main causes of their presence are heredity, skin aging, pollution, sun exposure, poor blood circulation, etc.

When "homemade" methods are no longer effective, the solution is to direct your choice towards a product formulated with high-performance active ingredients. The EYE RE-7 ® multi-correcting eye contour is proven to be effective in improving the appearance of the eye contour , reducing hyperpigmentation and inhibiting melanin production .

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