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10 tips to fight acne when you have black skin

Want to get rid of your imperfections? Acne is one of the main problems encountered by people of all skin types (white, black, matte, mixed race, etc.). We've all been there before. Fortunately, there are effective solutions to combat this problem. We reveal some tips for you to find a skin without imperfections.

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Origin of acne

Acne affects most teenagers. It is a dermatological condition that can take two forms:

A moderate form;
A severe form.

This phenomenon appears around the age of 17 and can last up to 30 years in people with dark to dark skin. Apart from teenagers, acne also affects adults. It is due to inflammation of the pilosebaceous follicle and develops in three stages:

Overproduction of sebum;
Formation of retentional lesions;
Propionibacterium acnes bacteria proliferation.

Pimples and lesions appear especially on the back, face, chest and neck. Some lesions can leave indelible scars. As dark to dark skin types are particularly reactive and sensitive, a single pimple can lead to the appearance of hyperpigmentation spots. Acne can be caused by many factors:

Sun exposure ;
Friction due to clothing;
Use of occlusive or greasy cosmetics;
Taking hormonal drugs;

Often, this phenomenon is caused by a hormonal imbalance. In case of persistent acne, consult your gynecologist for a hormonal assessment.

Hormonal imbalance


Tricks to get rid of acne

Here are 10 effective tips to get rid of imperfections and regain beautiful skin:

Cleanse your face regularly with an anti-bacterial cleanser.
Apply sun protection suited to your skin to keep your complexion clear.
Opt for a treatment suitable for Nubian skin (black, matt and mixed) with acne proneness.
Before treating your spots, it is recommended to treat your pimples.
To mattify your skin, apply a sebum-regulating treatment daily if you have oily or combination skin.
To allow your skin to breathe and unclog your pores, it is recommended to make a gentle exfoliation based on salicylic acid.

Without being aggressive, this treatment acts in depth on your skin.
To get rid of blackheads, it is recommended to do a steam bath with essential oils of tea tree (tea tree) and lavender, for example, before exfoliating your skin.
Adopt a beauty routine consisting of cleaning, moisturizing and treating your skin.
It is important to maintain it daily.
Cleanse your skin thoroughly, using a suitable lotion to eliminate excess sebum.
Opt for an appropriate gel that targets your imperfections.

What anti-acne soap for black to dark skin?

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To fight against your skin problems, you can for example opt for a goat's milk soap. Apart from acne problems, goat milk rids the skin of certain skin infections such as psoriasis and eczema. In addition, it is effective against itching and irritation. In addition to possessing antifungal and antibacterial properties, goat's milk soap has a particularly fine texture that is easily absorbed by the skin. You can use it daily in the morning and in the evening. This soap is perfectly suited to reactive, sensitive and allergic skin. Rich in phosphorus, calcium, potash, fatty acids and magnesium, it allows:

To hydrate and soften your skin;
To rebalance its pH.

Here are some usage tips:
After having moistened it, rub it between the palms of your hands until a light foam is obtained;
Apply it to your face in circular motions, so as to obtain a creamy mask.

For optimal effectiveness, leave on for a few minutes before rinsing. For drying, you just need to gently pat your face to absorb the water.


Do's and Don'ts

Here are the right things to do to eliminate imperfections if you have black, dark or mixed skin:

Get rid of dead cells by exfoliating your skin to make it more radiant;
Apply your sunscreen when needed;
Before opting for a treatment, it is recommended to consult your dermatologist who will check the composition of your serums or anti-dark spot creams;
For optimal effectiveness, do not hesitate to use an anti-stain cream or serum and to take an oral food supplement.

In addition, the laser can be effective in removing imperfections. However, avoid exposing yourself to the sun after a laser session.

On the other hand, here are the mistakes to avoid if you have blackheads and pimples:

Use the same face and body towels: consider using different towels and changing them weekly;
Popping pimples: this increases the risk of scarring and infection;
Do not wash your hands before each treatment: it is necessary to wash your hands before applying your treatments;
Use lightening products;
Apply lotions that contain alcohol.

Conclusion :

It is important to adopt a specific routine for your black skin, as it is particularly sensitive to external aggressions. To find skin that is clear and radiantly beautiful, use, among other things, the intense anti-acne and blemish treatment Act-5 offered by Nubiance. In the event of a severe acne crisis, it is recommended to seek the advice of your dermatologist. In addition, remember to limit scrubs and moisturize your skin regularly. For further information, do not hesitate to contact Nubiance.

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