5 tips to smooth the skin of the body and unify it

5 astuces pour lisser la peau du corps et l'unifier

When the pores are dilated, imperfections accumulate on the skin tissue: a dull complexion, uneven skin texture, blackheads, brown spots, wrinkles, etc. Lifestyle, unsuitable beauty care and external aggressions are the causes. Discover our tips to help you smooth and unify your skin in just a few gestures.

Properly cleanse the skin

When impurities (sebum, perspiration, pollution, makeup, dead skin) pile up during the day and you don't take care to clean everything properly before going to bed, the pores will be clogged.

In an attempt to evacuate impurities, the pores dilate significantly and this can make the skin texture irregular. Clogged pores are also the cause of skin inflammation and the appearance of blackheads.

This is why it is important to thoroughly cleanse the face and body morning and evening with appropriate products. It is best to use a cleansing gel suitable for your skin type to gently cleanse it.

Exfoliate to smooth skin texture

All skin types can be prone to enlarged pores, although combination and oily skin are the most affected. Other daily factors can accentuate this phenomenon, such as tobacco, pollution and stress.

To help your skin get rid of impurities and to boost cell renewal, it is advisable to exfoliate weekly . You can also complete your routine with a purifying and hydrating mask.

Generously moisturize the skin

Hydration isn't just for dry skin. Oily skin can also be dehydrated. The goal is not to use rich treatments that will add more fat and further clog pores, but rather light, moisturizing and softening treatments that will tighten them and reduce hyperpigmentation spots.

For good hydration of the face, a light and rebalancing cream like our AT-5 intense anti-blemish treatment will be ideal. For the rest of the body, our HRB-3 anti-dark spot body milk will be perfect. He :

  • provides deep hydration;
  • controls melanin production to prevent dark spots;
  • reduces brown spots especially in areas subject to friction such as knees, elbows and legs.

After about 4 weeks of use, the skin is soft, smooth and unified. Then, unlike an oil or a creamy cream, the body milk has a light texture allowing it to penetrate quickly without leaving a greasy film on the skin tissue.

Tighten pores with natural products

There are grandmother's tricks that help fight enlarged pores and dark spots. All you need to do is take green clay, lemon juice and a little water to form a paste and make a mask. For a guaranteed good-looking effect with an unified and luminous complexion, add a few drops of peppermint and Tea Tree essential oils to the mask for their antiseptic and astringent effect. This mask purifies the skin to refine the texture and fade spots.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Skin cells react positively or negatively to our way of life. It is therefore important to have a balanced diet and a regular sleep cycle, to exercise or to meditate to combat stress and anxiety . Your skin will be healthier and less prone to blemishes.

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