5 good reasons not to sleep with your makeup on

5 bonnes raisons de ne pas dormir avec son maquillage

If you too have the annoying habit of skipping make-up removal, it's time for a change! Sacrificing this step of your beauty routine is a serious mistake because your skin risks paying a high price. To change this habit, read the following, don't ignore the life-saving benefits of make-up removal on the health and beauty of your skin!

You risk having clogged pores and irritated skin

First of all, you should know that the particles present in your makeup can clog the pores if left on the skin for too long. This is particularly the case for the foundation. To be able to evacuate sebum and sweat normally, clogged pores will tend to dilate. Very quickly, the face is prone to dilated pores and unsightly pimples. And that's not all because over time, the skin becomes irritated which gives way to redness and flaking.

But it's not just makeup that clogs the skin! The latter is constantly subjected to external aggressions such as pollution and bacteria carried by the hands. Hence the importance of thoroughly cleansing the skin before going to bed to allow it to regenerate properly.

It accentuates the appearance of signs of aging

As a general rule, we wear makeup to camouflage everyday imperfections such as the signs of aging. However, when you don't take the time to remove your makeup in the evening, the opposite is likely to happen. By leaving the film of make-up on the skin, the epidermis finds it difficult to hydrate and regenerate while you sleep. Every evening, always take the time to remove make-up and apply a restorative night cream.

Your eyelashes are weakening

Eye make-up removal is essential. The ideal would be to remove all traces of mascara on your eyes because this product may solidify on the eyelashes if you do not take the trouble to remove them. Worse still, it could slip into the eye at any time, causing severe irritation.

Your lips may be dry

Lipstick residue is also harmful to the lips. Every evening, cleanse your lips with micellar water before applying a nourishing balm. You keep luscious lips almost forever.

You will taint your pillows

You have to be careful with makeup residue that could stain your pillows forever. What's more, if you have a weakness for waterproof products, these tend to resist washing.

How to remove make-up in the rules of the art?

Make-up removal consists of removing traces of make-up and removing all impurities from the skin: excess sebum, perspiration, pollution particles, etc. It requires several steps before all these impurities leave completely. This does not mean that you have to attack the skin with gestures of friction, far from it! We advise you to adopt good habits to cleanse your skin deeply and gently:

  1. Remove all makeup residue with our high tolerance Micelliance micellar water which contains no alcohol, perfume or dye.
  2. Purify the skin with our Cleanactyl gentle cleansing gel. At neutral pH, it removes all the impurities that dull the complexion to reveal its radiance.
  3. Once or twice a week, get rid of dead skin cells and unclog pores with our AHA Exfoliating Gel . No residue of impurity resists this gel which combines mechanical exfoliation and enzymatic exfoliation.

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