Top 4 cosmetic active ingredients to fight against acne

Top 4 des actifs cosmétiques pour lutter contre l'acné

Highly prevalent among teenagers, acne also affects adults for many reasons. But one thing is certain, very quickly we realize it, the sooner we want to get rid of it. Here are the main active ingredients against acne that you absolutely must observe in your cosmetic products .


Acne is a real pet peeve for black skin. Fortunately, our body contains trace elements that help fight them, including zinc. As it is present in only small quantities in the body, it is best to use cosmetic products that contain it, such as our Cleanactyl cleansing gel to cleanse your face in depth.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, zinc is an essential ingredient for combating the proliferation of bacteria and microbes on the epidermis, themselves the cause of acne pimples. Then, zinc also has a healing property to help the skin recover from infections.

Finally, with its purifying and mattifying power, zinc eliminates particles of impurities such as excess sebum and helps the skin regain its natural appearance.

The copper

Skin imperfections usually come from dilated pores. It is a very common problem in oily and acne-prone skin. This trace element is essential for protein synthesis in the body.

At Nubiance, we actively use this ingredient to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, two much-needed proteins to promote skin regeneration and the healing of acne wounds.

Thanks to a cream, a gel or an oil composed of copper, you fight marvelously well the free radicals and the oxidative stress at the origin of many imperfections.

AHA acids

Alpha-hydroxy acids or fruit acids are almost present in cosmetic treatments to combat imperfections such as acne. Among the most used AHA acids in beauty products are:

  • Glycolic acid: it is used as a peeling agent in our exfoliating gel . It is recommended to eliminate dead cells, correct skin irregularities, refine skin texture and regulate sebum production. Performing a scrub with a treatment based on glycolic acid is then effective in preventing and fighting acne pimples.
  • Citric acid: belonging to the family of AHA acids, citric acid has the advantage of quickly penetrating into the skin. It is a main active ingredient to target the elimination of dead cells and skin renewal. In addition, this acid acts as a cohesion agent between the deep layer and the upper layer of the skin. Which makes your skin more supple and firm.
  • Lactic acid: it is a real beauty ally for taking care of acne-prone skin. Like other AHA acids, it exfoliates the skin and stimulates cell turnover. But the most important thing is that it lowers the pH of the skin so that it is less prone to bacteria. An important point to fight acne pimples. Finally, it deeply moisturizes the skin to promote healing and regain perfect skin after acne.


Bakuchiol is a chemical component present in the seeds of a plant of Indian origin named bachi, this ingredient is very powerful in fighting persistent acne. It acts at the source of the problem by fighting against skin inflammation, hyperkeratinization, excessive sebum production and bacterial proliferation.

You will find this active ingredient in most of the products in our anti-blemish range . It allows you to keep skin healthy and less sensitive to microbiological attacks. It's the key against acne and other blemishes like psoriasis.

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