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At Nubiance, we celebrate the beauty of Nubian skin. Thanks to you, many people were able to discover our treatments and were won over by their effectiveness. This ambassador program has been specially designed for you, in order to reward your loyalty and your support. By joining the Nubiance Army, you agree to lend your skin and your face to test and talk about our products and that means a lot to us.


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Participate in mini missions by creating content and sharing it with your community. You will receive discounts, boxes, new products, our new products in preview...!

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Your content will be republished and you will be highlighted on Nubiance's social networks.

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If you are selected, you will discover the different campaigns in which you can participate.

All you have to do is post your content on the networks by tagging us and you will be rewarded! We will do everything to make your experience fast, simple and smooth.
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