Black elbows and knees: how to lighten them?

Coudes et genoux noirs : comment les éclaircir ?

Black elbows and knees are a source of complex for many dark-skinned, mixed-race and black women. Sometimes natural methods such as applying lemon, baking soda and potato to these spots are not enough! So how do you deal with excess melanin in these areas? Answers in the article.

Why do elbows and knees turn black ?

Hyperpigmentation of the skin is a common problem in people with dull and dark skin tones . There are several reasons for this excess melanin.

The dehydration

The knees and elbows have a low amount of sebaceous glands. As a reminder, their role is to secrete sebum at the base of body hair. It is for this reason that these areas are drier and darker than the rest of the body.

The accumulation of dead cells

At the joints, the skin is thicker and forms folds. These cause cracks in which dead skin is superimposed.


The daily friction of clothes and towels on the skin makes the epidermis thicker and causes an excess of melanin .

In addition, the knees and elbows are points of support and can receive shocks during certain activities.

Black elbows and knees: what are the solutions?

Women's blogs and magazines contain cheap recipes that are more or less effective on certain people. Nevertheless, they are not without consequences and require moderate use. Used excessively, they can aggravate your case.

Baking soda

Baking soda has many benefits: it exfoliates, brightens and softens the epidermis. However, it can strip it and dry it out. Better to abstain, especially if you have sensitive skin!

The lemon

Lemon is known for its lightening and unifying properties .

On the other hand, it must be used sparingly, because its acid side can cause irritation and tightness. In addition, this citrus fruit is photosensitizing and can cause adverse effects if you apply it before going out and you expose yourself to the sun.


The use of potato on the skin reduces hyperpigmentation spots and shadows , exfoliates the dermis and fades scars.

However, to see the first effects on the skin, you have to be patient!

How to lighten black elbows and knees effectively?

By following these tips diligently, you will rediscover the pleasure of wearing outfits that reveal your legs and arms!

Exfoliate knees and elbows

Once or twice a week, remove dead cells with a gentle scrub. Exfoclear exfoliating gel combines fruit acids, apricot kernel powder and Swiss glacier water. Its regular use eliminates dead cells, stimulates skin cell renewal, and reveals the radiance of the skin.

On damp skin, apply the exfoliating gel. Make circular movements on the areas to be treated then rinse.

Hydrate these areas

After getting out of the shower, we recommend that you moisturize your skin while emphasizing these parts with a moisturizer. You can use HRB-3 unifying and moisturizing body milk.

Its rich texture protects the skin and guarantees long-lasting hydration. Its formulation is designed for people who suffer from hyperpigmentation on parts of the body subject to friction such as knees and elbows .

You can check the effectiveness of our products by consulting the reviews located at the bottom of the page.

Protect these parts of the body from the sun's rays

Excessive sun exposure promotes hyperpigmentation . Therefore, it is recommended to apply sun protection to your skin before exposing yourself to the sun.

What to remember about the treatment of black elbows and knees

Black elbows and knees are prone to daily rubbing, dehydration, and dead skin buildup.

Exfoliating these areas once or twice a week helps get rid of dead cells, stimulate skin renewal, and reduce hyperpigmentation .

In your daily routine, do not forget to apply a unifying and moisturizing milk to restore the natural color of your skin and protect it. Finally, in case of sun exposure, remember to protect your skin with sunscreen.

You now hold all the keys in hand to make this little complex a distant memory.

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