Detox Skincare: prepare your skin well for the start of the new school year

Détox Skincare : bien préparer sa peau pour la rentrée

Have you ever heard of detox products for the skin? Since the skin is the largest organ in the human body, it also plays a crucial role in detoxification by removing toxins through sweat. But once the impurities have accumulated and become embedded in the pores, the skin may no longer be able to rid itself of toxins. This mostly happens in late summer after the skin has been abused by sunburn, sea salt, sunscreens, tanning products, etc. To find a luminous, smooth and unified complexion at the start of the school year, it is sometimes necessary to activate the detox mode at the end of the holidays. We explain how to do it!

What are detox treatments for?

The skincare detox is a ritual that we recommend adopting at the end of each season, especially before the start of the school year. During the summer holidays, the skin is subjected to harsh aggressions between the sun, the heat, the pollution and the various sunscreen products. Makeup combined with sweat and heat can also impact the condition of the skin.

So the skin simply needs a detox treatment to eliminate toxins, purify pores, boost cell renewal and acclimatize to the new skincare products that we would use for the fall. If the toxins accumulate, it will lead to skin dysfunction : dull and dehydrated skin, wrinkles, dark spots and unsightly pimples.

The skin is weakened and the only solution to help it recover is to carry out a detox cure. Otherwise, the skin risks aging rapidly.

The skin also needs a break

Like any other organ in the human body, the skin needs a vacation. For this, a cosmetic break is recommended in order to purify and regenerate the hydrolipidic film. At least a week before the start of the school year, let your skin breathe by putting aside makeup. This will help your skin regain its natural strength.

During this break period, it is better to pamper the skin with natural products such as floral water to clean it before applying a light treatment. Because, it is quite possible that after the holidays, your skin will suffer from many imperfections such as irritations, mucous membranes, acne breakouts, etc.

Be aware that natural and light treatments are ideal for irritated skin. Moreover, they can help to deeply remineralize the epidermis to relieve skin problems and restore healthy skin. According to dermatological advice, it is best to perform a steam bath before applying your treatment. This helps unclog and let the pores breathe.

In addition to your care, you must nourish and hydrate the skin from the inside with foods rich in antioxidants. Do not skimp on carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes and dried apricots in your menu to reboost your skin cells.

Stimulate natural mechanisms with a detox treatment

After your week of cosmetic break, make way for the detox cure! It is used to stimulate the natural defenses of your skin. However, be sure to choose a detox treatment adapted to your skin type. The main thing is that this type of treatment allows you to quickly regenerate your overworked skin during the summer.

The intensive detox treatment allows above all to protect the skin from aggressions because it is no longer able to protect itself on its own. As the autumn and winter periods approach, this type of treatment can boost your detoxification system, which helps the skin cells to purify themselves naturally. For this, your detox treatment must be rich in purifying active ingredients and antioxidants which will help to:

  • Unclog impurities
  • Tighten pores
  • Refine skin texture
  • Regenerate tissues

It should be noted that the detox treatment is only used as a cure during seasonal changes, especially before autumn. The cure lasts only 10 to 15 days, to be repeated over the next few months if the result is not yet satisfactory.

Adopt a complete skincare ritual

Once your skin has fully recovered, you can start your usual beauty routine. For skin that is perfectly healthy and radiantly beautiful, the ritual always begins with make-up removal morning and evening with micellar water, milk or oil.

For a thorough cleaning to get rid of all impurities, a mild pH-neutral gel can be used. Once the skin is clean and dry, you can apply your day care or your daily night care.

Once or twice a week, it's important to remove dead cells with a gentle exfoliant . Then you have to nourish the skin as it should with a mask. At Nubiance, the product ranges used contain active ingredients that perfectly respond to the skin problems encountered: anti-imperfection range , anti-stain range , anti-aging range , etc.

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