The importance of night cream

L'importance de la crème de nuit

Throughout the day, your skin is subject to many external aggressions such as pollution, sun rays and temperature variations. This is why it is important to adapt your treatments according to the time of day. During the day, your skin needs hydration and protection. In the evening, she needs to rebuild herself, to be comforted and nourished. It is also at night that your treatments are most effective because it is at this time that the activity of your skin cells is at its peak. Thus, using a night cream capable of detoxifying, nourishing and plumping your skin will undoubtedly be the best way to help it regenerate.

Why include night care in your beauty routine?

Skin cells are activated at night, which is why it is important to use specific care to boost this activity. First, blood circulation is greater at night, which facilitates the evacuation of toxins that have accumulated during the day. A healthier skin, cleared of all impurities, is also more receptive to the care we administer to it.

That's not all, cell regeneration is at its peak during sleep . It is said that the peak of cell renewal is reached around 2am. This is also when skin cells produce more hyaluronic acid and collagen. Hence the more supple and firmer skin in the morning, after a good night's sleep. This effect can be improved by the regular use of a night care.

The particularity of night creams is that they are always very rich in active ingredients and generally have thicker textures, which allows them to act in depth on the skin. Like day creams, night creams fight against skin dryness. However, they push their effectiveness even further by providing a more intense moisturizing action. Most night creams contain nourishing active ingredients to bring lipids to the skin, in addition to water. Aside from their restorative function, night creams can have specific virtues depending on the targeted problems: anti-wrinkles, anti-dark spots, etc. The choice is up to you to find the cream that will not only bring you that good-looking effect when you wake up, but which will also be able to correct the imperfections of your face.

How to choose your night cream?

You have to choose your night cream according to your skin type, this is the basic rule for any cosmetic and dermatological product . Dry skin will prefer treatments rich in active ingredients to provide more hydration, while oily skin will appreciate purifying and rebalancing treatments to improve the quality of their skin and limit sebum production.

It is also important to take into account the specificities of the skin. Often, in black and mixed-race skin, the treatment of brown spots is one of the main objectives, as is the lack of hydration and the loss of radiance. The skin is often dry in certain areas and oily in the T zone. As soon as the skin can no longer control the production of melanin , hyperpigmentation spots set in and become difficult to fade.

Our HRB-3 anti-dark spot night care corrects pigment spots while restoring radiance and luminosity to your skin while you sleep! Thanks to our HRB-3 combination combined with a superfruit extract, this night cream detoxifies the skin and boosts collagen production. When you wake up, your skin looks repaired, smoother, clearer, plumped up and well hydrated.

How to apply your night cream?

It is advisable to apply your night cream after applying the rest of your routine and at least half an hour before going to bed. This is the time needed for the skin to absorb the product well. Thus, you do not risk erasing your treatment by rubbing against the pillow.

Little tip: to boost the effects of your night cream, you can apply a serum just before . Then spread the cream all over the face and neck, in small circular massages.

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