Dermocosmetics, what is it?

La dermocosmétique, qu’est-ce que c’est ?

The word dermocosmetics is a term mainly used by pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical laboratories which designates products that meet both cosmetic and dermatological needs. Dermocosmetic products are essentially designed for people suffering from mild skin pathologies and aim to care for, beautify and protect the skin.

Dermocosmetics: definition

The term dermocosmetics does not yet have a legal definition but we can try to give a simple definition from the two words that compose it:

  • Dermatology: it is a branch of medicine that treats pathologies with cutaneous manifestations.
  • Cosmetics: represents products for hygiene and beautification of the skin and hair with superficial actions.

Dermocosmetics then refers to products that combine health and beauty at the same time, to be applied to a well-defined area such as the face, feet, hands, scalp, etc.

Their use is often done under the recommendation of health professionals such as dermatologists, aesthetic doctors, pediatricians and pharmacists. To put it simply, dermocosmetics are products created under the same manufacturing standards and the same rigor of control as drugs.

They must guarantee both efficacy and safety to avoid the risk of allergy or side effects. The dermocosmetic laboratories ensure at the same time the efficacy and harmlessness of these products before they are put on sale. They are also marketed in the health distribution circuit such as pharmacies or parapharmacies, medical offices and drugstores.

These products are formulated to meet specific expectations of the skin or hair to combine health and beauty. For example: the relief of acne or psoriasis, the treatment of recurrent dandruff or the hydration of atopic skin.

What are dermocosmetics used for?

With an aesthetic and dermatological action at the same time, dermocosmetic products are intended to be applied to one or more areas at the same time: on the skin, the scalp or the hair. Even if they are not subject to a medical prescription obligation, the use of these products requires the advice of a pharmacist or a doctor.

Democosmetic laboratories are constantly developing products at the forefront of innovation for greater efficiency. Dermocosmetic products are recommended in the treatment of acne , hyperpigmentation , eczema, psoriasis, dark circles, very dry skin, rosacea and dandruff. They are designed to treat skin and hair problems in depth, at their source. Our products, at Nubiance for example, are developed with processes defined by our dermatologists in order to treat skin problems and imperfections.

What guarantees the effectiveness and safety of dermocosmetic products?

Cosmetic products meet good manufacturing practices (GMP) and good laboratory practices (GLP).

Cosmetic products must be manufactured according to the ISO 22716 quality standard. They are thus subject to meticulous control over the entire process: production operations, materials used, premises, personnel and control criteria. of continuous quality. The cosmetic products are dermatologically tested and their effectiveness is proven by clinical studies.

Dermocosmetics are very varied both in their action and in their form of use. You can find at the pharmacy or parapharmacy, a cream to treat acne on the face, a sunscreen to protect the skin in all seasons, an anti-stain oil or even anti-wrinkle care for all skin types.

For example, at Nubiance we have several ranges of dermocosmetic products to overcome the most common skin problems. For skin that suffers from acne and acne scars, those unsightly pimples that usually invade the face and leave stubborn marks, they can follow our anti-blemish face routine to treat the problem at the root and regain perfect skin. smooth and healthy.

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