Bakuchiol actif acné peaux noires

Bakuchiol, an effective ingredient against acne in dark to dark skin

Do you want to have beautiful skin and get rid of your imperfections? We have a solution for you. Bakuchiol can help you regain your skin's elasticity and firmness. It is a chemical compound used in traditional medicine. This active ingredient has antifungal, antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which make it effective in the fight against acne, especially on black, dark or mixed skin. We tell you all about it.


What is bakuchiol?

It is a chemical compound found in the seeds of a plant of Indian origin named babchi or Psoralea corylifolia. Used in traditional medicine, this plant can reach 1 m in height. It is a natural treatment against certain skin pathologies such as ringworm and scabies. Bakuchiol helps treat skin with persistent acne. In France, many people are affected by this disease. Symptoms related to acne are:

Excessive production of sebum;

Inflammation of the skin;
Bacterial overgrowth.

Several cosmetic brands offer serums, creams, boosters, and other products that contain bakuchiol. This active ingredient is a good ally in the fight against acne. Skin blemishes mainly affect adolescents, but also infants and adults.

What is bakuchiol used for?

Bakuchiol allows:

To prevent the development of bacteria favoring the appearance of imperfections;
To normalize the natural flow of sebum.

Unlike benzoyl peroxide or retinoids, bakuchiol is neither photosensitizing nor irritating. Thus, it is perfectly suitable for sensitive skin. In addition, you can integrate it into a day care. In addition, it has interesting anti-aging properties that allow it to:

Boost collagen production and cell renewal;
Fight against free radicals.

Bakuchiol makes the skin firmer and smoother. According to numerous studies, this chemical compound reduces wrinkles and evens skin tone. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties, it reduces blemishes. Limiting the degradation of elastin and collagen, it reduces scars and repairs the skin.

How to use bakuchiol?

Generally, acne is caused by the following factors:

Obstruction and inflammation of the hair follicle due to the proliferation of bacteria;
Hypersecretion of sebum: this phenomenon may be due to hormonal activity or too greasy make-up;
Bacteria infection: bacteria multiply by feeding on sebum.

So, what to do to fight against acne? For severe acne, bakuchiol is an effective acne treatment because it works by ridding your skin of blemishes. Here are some usage tips:

For optimal effectiveness, apply your bakuchiol treatment and your anti-blemish cream before going to bed;
Apply this treatment twice a day for best results and make sure the other ingredients are suitable for your skin;

You can use it as a face mask on your face to treat rosacea.

In addition, do not hesitate to combine bakuchiol with hyaluronic acid with plumping and moisturizing properties.

Bakuchiol or retinol?

Bakuchiol and retinol are quite similar in their actions on the skin. Combining perfectly, they reduce wrinkles. Many cosmetic products contain retinol because it is effective against aging and acne. However, this chemical compound is aggressive and can sometimes cause redness, irritation and flaking. Unlike retinol or vitamin A, bakuchiol is not only suitable for black and oily skin, but also for sensitive skin. In addition, this active ingredient is ideal for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Do not hesitate to integrate it into your skincare routine by combining it with vitamin C. It does not present any risk of irritation and can be applied in the morning. Its advantages are numerous:

It moisturizes and softens dry skin;
It diminishes imperfections and regulates the flow of sebum;

It softens the skin and eliminates imperfections.

Thus, bakuchiol is a more effective treatment than retinol.

Does bakuchiol have any contraindications?

Fortunately, this active has no contraindications. For optimal effectiveness, combine bakuchiol with the other elements of your beauty routine. You can use it as a cream, mask or serum. Choose the treatment best suited to your daily ritual in order to effectively eliminate imperfections on your skin. In addition to fighting acne, bakuchiol boosts collagen production and diminishes fine lines. Reducing age spots, it makes the skin more elastic and firmer. On the other hand, the irritant power of retinol can damage sensitive skin. Unlike bakuchiol, it is not recommended for pregnant women. It is recommended to consult your dermatologist in case of:



In this way, you will be able to benefit from advice and find a treatment perfectly adapted to your skin.

Conclusion :

Bakuchiol is an effective natural acne treatment and can be used in different forms. Unlike retinol, this active has the advantage of adapting to black, sensitive or reactive skin. Although it is still little known, it is an excellent ally in the fight against skin imperfections. According to American researchers, salicylic acid associated with bakuchiol would be even more effective in finding clear, elastic skin without imperfections. Looking for other solutions? Nubiance offers you various products adapted to your Nubian skin, including the intense anti-acne and blemish care Act-5. Contact us for more information !

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