Is the laser effective in erasing dark spots?

Le laser est-il efficace pour effacer les taches brunes ?

The laser, miracle solution against brown spots on the face? Nubiance reveals the answers you've been waiting for!

Have you tried everything, but you can't find solutions for your dark spots on your face ? Creams, serums, vegetable oils, essential oils: nothing seems to be effective against pigmentary lesions on the face and décolleté, and you are thinking of laser or pulsed light to eliminate brown spots. However, these aesthetic medicine techniques are not the best solution against dark spots. We are going to start by discovering the origin of spots on dull, black and mixed-race skin , before analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of laser treatment and the alternatives that exist!

What are the causes of the appearance of dark spots on the face?

We explained it to you right here, spots on dark skin are due to hyperpigmentation following a scar, a pigmentary lesion or overexposure to the sun. The fault therefore lies with the melanocytes , which have produced too much melanin and create a difference in skin color. Face spots can also be caused by external factors, such as pollution, or internal factors, such as hormonal imbalances or genetic predisposition. So, even before doing a pigment laser session , you must understand the source of your dark spots to be able to treat them with the best solution. In any case, if you want to keep your skin color even, you must apply daily sun protection : even dark skin needs protection against UV rays, that's rule number 1!

The different types of hyperpigmentation spots

Brown spots on the face as well as on the body are therefore often the result of too much sun exposure or of age (age spots). There are 3 types of hyperpigmentation :

  • Melasma or pregnancy mask : the melasma mask, also known as the pregnancy mask, frequently affects pregnant women. These are symmetrical spots with irregular outlines and defined boundaries.
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) : these are spots with fuzzy and irregular contours, which generally appear after a lesion or irritation of the skin (burns, bites, wounds, etc.).
  • Lentigines : a lentigo corresponds to sun spots and age spots, caused by prolonged exposure to the sun or sunburn. These spots can increase in size with age, especially after age 50.

In which cases to use the laser to eliminate brown spots?

If you are planning an appointment with an aesthetic and/or anti-aging doctor, he will probably recommend laser or intense pulsed light treatment. However, the laser on brown spot is not a solution that suits everyone. Indeed, as for the laser with hair removal, this technique of aesthetic medicine is not accessible to everyone. To begin with, your skin must withstand each laser session and not be weakened. Lasers can reduce brown spots in 2 to 3 sessions spaced at least 6 weeks apart. It is mandatory that the laser on brown spots be performed on non-tanned skin. Then, you will notice the appearance of small crusts (which you must not scratch) and persistent redness for 10 to 15 days.

The laser to erase brown spots: advantages and disadvantages


Unlike other methods such as peeling , the laser on brown spots has some advantages:

  • the pigmentary laser treatment is precise and targets the pigmented spot exactly, all without going beyond the periphery;
  • in a laser center, this technique offers faster healing since the picosure or cryolipolysis laser only treats the pigmented superficial surface of the skin (without "sinking" the spot);
  • dark pigment spots can be eliminated with the laser on brown spots.

Laser treatment is a very long and quite complicated process. It is necessary to take into account the preparation phase to anticipate each appointment, but not only since there are many factors and disadvantages to laser sessions on brown spots :

  • The price : a laser session costs on average between 200 to 400 €. Fairly high prices for results that are not guaranteed! Especially if you want to treat several areas.
  • Time : making an appointment for your laser sessions takes time, and a lot of organization. Between work and family life, it can be difficult to free up enough time.
  • The sun : often incompatible with UV rays, you will not be able to go on vacation following your laser session on brown spots, nor to come back. Indeed, the high level of melanin for black, matt or mixed skin is not compatible with the laser.
  • Side effects : reddening of the skin, irritation, aggression of your epidermis, aggravation of your eczema or your hives, melasma, etc. Skin cells are not deeply renewed as with more traditional (but equally effective) beauty treatments.
  • Contraindications: you should also not take medicinal treatments that have a photosensitizing effect. The laser on pigment spots should be excluded if you are taking antidepressants, antibiotics, anticoagulants, etc. Even if you are on antibiotics after a simple cold, you will have to postpone your session.

Alternative laser treatments for spots on my skin?

Among the perfect alternatives to the laser for brown spots , we obviously find the Nubiance products! The mission of our laboratory is to help you find solutions to your skin problems. With formulas and treatments designed for the needs of black and mixed-race skin , we help you treat the pigment spots and brown spots that bother you so much. Surrounded by experts in dermocosmetics and enthusiasts, we have developed a range especially for your hyperpigmentation spots :


Our tailor-made treatments allow you to say goodbye to pigment spots on the face and on the body, without having to resort to treatments that are too long and too expensive such as laser on brown spots . With Nubiance, find a unified complexion thanks to effective care and first results in just a few weeks!


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