My anti-dark spot routine

Ma routine anti-taches peau noire

Black skins are more prone to pigment spots than Caucasian skins. Although they are all subject to external aggression, they do not react in the same way. Dark skin protects itself by producing more melanin. The brown spots then come from this pigment responsible for the coloring of the skin. But how to prevent the appearance of these brown spots and what solutions to eliminate them radically?

How to prevent the appearance of hyperpigmentation spots?

Black skins are prone to imperfections, including pigment spots. To prevent their appearance, it is best to avoid a few actions that risk attacking the skin, such as:

  • Pierce acne pimples.
  • Scratch a lesion, an insect bite or a burn.
  • Use aggressive care products and materials such as abrasive sponges and daily scrubs.
  • Use whitening or lightening products containing hydroquinone or cortisone which strip the skin and lead to the formation of spots.

Despite all these preventions, it is not uncommon to find dark skin covered with hyperpigmentation spots. This is why at Nubiance, we have developed HRB-3 technology to help black skin to get rid of these unsightly spots.

Discover our HRB-3 anti-stain range

Dark spots spare no one and usually appear from the age of 30. In mixed skin, these imperfections are even more pronounced, which is why it is important to adopt a good anti-dark spot routine as soon as possible. Our anti-dark spot radiance routine not only gets rid of pigment spots, but also makes the complexion unified and luminous.

Our HRB-3 range is the combination of two ingredients with anti-dark spot properties: hexylresorcinol and vitamin B3. They make it possible to correct hyperpigmentation in dull or mixed skin for a more unified complexion. It should however be noted that like any beauty routine, regularity and rigor are the guarantee of its effectiveness.

First step: clean the face properly

Impurities can quickly accumulate on the surface of the skin: excess sebum, sweat and dead cells. For this, we offer two cleaning products. The first allows black skin to get rid of impurities accumulated on the face day and night. Our Micelliance micellar water gently removes make-up and pollution residue from the face.

The second product cleanses more deeply by exfoliating the skin. Our high tolerance Exfoclear gel removes dead cells to unclog pores. Thus, the care products you use can easily penetrate the skin for a more satisfactory result. It is advisable to exfoliate your skin once or twice a week

Second step: moisturize and protect the skin from the sun every morning

After cleaning the skin every morning with micellar water, rinse thoroughly with clean water. Then you can apply our HRB-3 anti-dark spot day care all over your face. Combining anti-dark spot active ingredients and sun filters, this day cream moisturizes the skin, protects against ultraviolet rays, regulates melanin production, fades brown spots and evens out the complexion.

Third step: repair the skin at night

To boost cell renewal in Nubian skin, it must be perfectly cleansed and detoxified before going to bed. Once the skin is clean and dry, you can apply our HRB-3 anti-dark spot night care to repair pigment spots and promote collagen production. When you wake up, your skin becomes smooth, plumped and luminous.

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