How to avoid spots during pregnancy?

noircir pendant la grossesse

Many Nubian women notice a pregnancy mask on their face from their 4th month of pregnancy . Getting rid of melasma on black, mestizo and dark skin requires following a regular routine. Some pregnant women will bet on homemade recipes, others will opt for more aggressive treatments such as laser after childbirth . Unfortunately, both of these techniques have their limitations. How to avoid darkening during pregnancy ? We have the answers.

Who are the enemies of your skin during pregnancy ?

The sun's rays are not good for the skin

The sun's rays

As soon as we see the first rays of the sun, it's tempting to point your nose outside and stock up on vitamin D. But you should know that prolonged exposure to the sun is detrimental to the beauty of your skin. Eventually, it causes the appearance of hyperpigmentation spots and a dull complexion.

To avoid these skin conditions, the rule is simple: no sunscreen , no outings in the sun . When you go out, plan to always have some in your bag to apply every two hours. Finally, remember to wear a hat that will cover your face, as well as sunglasses.

Lack of hydration

Drinking at least 1.5 liters of water a day is the most economical beauty advice that exists. The amount of water you should ingest depends on your age, weight and physical activity.

Nutritionists advise drinking water in small quantities. 1.5 liters is equivalent to 10 glasses of water. In the morning, we suggest you drink a glass of water. During meals, you can drink the equivalent of two glasses.

Maintaining good hydration leads to fewer imperfections and plump, toned and radiant skin .

A diet that is too rich

Diet impacts the health and radiance of your skin. Your epidermis acts as an outlet. Like the liver, it evacuates toxins from the body. As soon as the liver suffers from overeating, your skin sends you signals: acne breakouts , microcysts , comedones, etc.

Foods to eat in moderation are:

  • Dairy products, especially those made from cow's milk. Their consumption can cause pimples ;
  • Foods that contain too much sugar. They raise blood sugar levels and increase hormone and sebum secretion;
  • Salty products. Fans of aperitifs will have to reduce their salt consumption at the risk of ending up with a dull complexion and dehydrated skin .

Do not hesitate to favor vegetables and fruits.

A sloppy or unsuitable skincare routine

More than ever, your skin needs to be pampered. Abrasive and recurring scrubs are to be avoided. Prefer soft and non-aggressive products for your skin.

On a daily basis, take 5 minutes/10 minutes to do facials in the morning and evening. In the lines that follow, here is an example of a routine that you can follow to have beautiful skin .

Black skin melasma: what to do to maintain skin radiance?

How to avoid darkening during pregnancy?

Now, here are the steps to adopt to have a radiant complexion:

What are the tips to avoid to remove melasma on black skin?

During your pregnancy, you will receive a plethora of advice that seems wise, but unfortunately is not.

On the web, more than 400,000 pages deal with the subject. It is therefore easy to come across tips recommended by people who are inexperienced in facial care.

Following these tips can be harmful to your skin and impact your perception of yourself.

Here is a range of tips that you absolutely must avoid following:

  • The lemon mask

Many influencers praise the virtues of lemon. They highlight the fact that it lightens the skin , gives radiance to the face and reduces imperfections.

However, dermatologists claim that citrus fruits can irritate facial skin. They contain psoralen, a natural compound that makes the skin sensitive to light. It activates after 10/15 minutes and takes 24 hours to leave. To avoid worsening the effects of melasma on black skin , it is best avoided.

  • The sugar scrub

Although effective on the body, sugar scrubs are not recommended on the face. This type of exfoliant is very abrasive for the epidermis. It is preferable to use fine-grained scrubs such as exfoclear exfoliant. Eventually, they can cause micro tears.

  • baking soda mask

This mineral powder is highly concentrated in alkaline and alters the PH level of the skin. As a result, she becomes dry and dehydrated. Health professionals state that the pH of the skin acts as a protective barrier that prevents the intrusion of bacteria. By damaging the skin barrier , you will see imperfections appear.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar Lotions

Vinegar is recognized as a product that cleanses and smoothes the skin. However, what you are not told about this ingredient is that it is very acidic and can cause irritation and burning.

  • Hydroquinone creams

In the African community, it is common for acquaintances to offer creams that are used to “cleanse the complexion”. While the only way to have a clean complexion is to have a routine adapted to your skin type and a healthy lifestyle.

We can't say it enough, hydroquinone products are your skin's worst enemy. Refuse gently, but firmly.

Black skin pregnancy mask: what to do to treat it?

Now you have all the cards in hand to avoid darkening during pregnancy.

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