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What are the links between stress and our skin quality?

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Quels liens entre le stress et notre qualité de peau ?

Does stress have a direct link to the appearance of our skin?
It has been proven that our psychological state can act on our body and more particularly on our skin quality . Indeed the skin is a fragile organ directly connected to our nervous system.

Why are our nervous system and our skin closely linked?
Just consider the fact that our nervous system and our skin are initially, even before we are born, created in the same embryo. They are then composed of the same cellular tissue .

It is this exchange by cell tissue that explains why our stress can act directly on our skin.

What are the most common symptoms of stress?
The most common symptoms observed on the skin are excessive sweating, or on the contrary very strong skin dryness which results in the appearance of scabs sometimes going as far as eczema or psoriasis...

How to prevent stress from altering our skin quality?
There are three essential steps: treating the symptoms and understanding the causes, protecting your skin , and learning to manage your stress .

To treat the symptoms, it is important to always thoroughly cleanse your skin . This is one of the key steps in our daily care. It is not a question of stripping it because by attacking it with too intensive cleaning it would risk defending itself by producing more sebum, or on the contrary would lead it towards atopy. It is a question of cleaning it gently with a suitable hygiene product , of removing the impurities linked to pollution and the excess of sebum secreted throughout the day. Our micellar water Micelliance 0% is a hygiene product allowing make-up removal and gentle cleansing, suitable for all skin types. It is devoid of aggressive products such as coloring or perfume.

Secondly, it is important to protect your skin from external aggressions, such as the sun, the cold or pollution. To do this, it is important to determine your needs . By understanding and analyzing our daily exposure .
Are we very exposed to the sun and UV rays? Or rather exposed to wind and cold..? This identification allows you to adapt your day cream so that it is more or less rich, moisturizing, purifying, with or without UV protection.

In the event that stress is the cause of pimples and imperfections , Act-5 Care is a product perfectly suited to effective and preventive daily use against imperfections . In addition, it regulates the flow and distribution of sebum while preserving its integrity and thus ensures the maintenance of barrier protection and good hydration.

Finally, the third more than essential step is to learn how to manage stress in order to limit the undesirable effects on our skin.

How to learn to manage your daily stress?
There are different tips for managing stress depending on its origin.
We can turn to daily pleasures such as care rituals , beauty and well-being breaks that relax us from our day and which, in addition, are good for our skin and our body.
Sport that releases endorphins is also a good way to cope with stress, just like relaxation or meditation.
Reducing our consumption of stimulating products such as theine or caffeine can also affect our nervous system.

In short, there is no miracle recipe, please yourself above all. Use products adapted to your needs and your skin will be even more beautiful!

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