Regain beautiful skin by eliminating acne scars on black skin

éliminer cicatrices acné peau noire

You have finally managed to fight your acne, but a new dilemma arises for you? Scars? What a black beast! However, don't despair. If you have managed to eradicate your acne, you can do the same with these unsightly marks. Focus on solutions to regain beautiful black skin.

The different types of acne

What do acne scars look like on black skin?

Getting rid of acne spots is just the first step towards beautiful skin. The real struggle is to erase the traces of passage.

Scars left by acne are either indented or raised on the skin. There are three common forms, namely:

  • Cratered: shallow with a pockmarked appearance;
  • In ice pick: both deep and narrow;
  • Blistered: very deep, in the form of a mini-cyst.

It is important to know how to distinguish a scar from a pigment spot. On black, dark and mixed skin, a discoloration of the complexion does not necessarily indicate a scar left by acne. To be sure, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist.

How to fade acne scars?

Rest assured, scars can be faded if treated properly. Mild scars fade naturally over time. However, more obvious marks require specific care. To regain beautiful dark skin, here are some effective treatments based on modern technology:

The laser
Several types of laser are used depending on the severity of the lesions to be treated, including the vascular laser (for simple red pigment spots), the fractional laser (for hollow scars) and the ablative laser (for raised scars). The latter involves burning the skin under anesthesia to renovate and smooth it.

The peel
This is an exfoliation method based on fruit acid (with or without salicylic acid) which eliminates dark spots on nubian skin (black, dark and mixed skin). Repeated frequently, the peel tightens pores and helps restore an even, radiant complexion.

Healing is done by puncturing the injured area with an electric pen fitted with micro-needles.

It consists of sanding the surface layer of the skin in order to stimulate the regeneration of the epidermis. The session is done under anesthesia (local or general) and requires non-exposure to the sun for at least two months.

The injections
To quickly fill in light scars in the form of hollows, hyaluronic acid injection is recommended. It restores a smooth and homogeneous appearance to the skin. For raised scars, a corticosteroid injection reduces the size of the scars before laser treatment.

In case of deep scars, opt for surgery, but only with the agreement of your dermatologist. A few laser sessions will allow you to refine the result later. All these solutions are given for information purposes only. Only a dermatologist can assess the severity of your scars and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Remember that you must wait for the acne to completely heal before moving on to reducing the scars. It is also recommended to follow these treatments in winter to protect yourself from the sun.

Find beautiful skin with natural care?

Do you prefer to use natural treatments? This option is possible, but requires a little more patience.

Use vegetable and essential oils
Until now, vegetable and essential oils [15] are very popular for their healing, protective and regenerative properties. In addition to reducing scars, they moisturize the skin. You can opt for Jojoba, rosehip or nigella oil. Accompany the vegetable oil with an essential oil to better combat imperfections.

Apply a little lemon juice to the affected area

The benefits of lemon on the skin are indisputable. To remove blemishes on the skin, soak a piece of cotton wool in lemon juice and apply it to the scars. Wait a quarter of an hour before rinsing. This natural peeling should be carried out in the evening before going to bed, during winter only.

Opt for a recipe based on aloe vera
It's no longer a surprise, aloe vera has healing, regenerating and soothing properties. Simply apply it to the scar, massage, then rinse with lukewarm or cold water. Repeat until the spots disappear. If they are stubborn, leave the aloe vera to act for a few hours.

Brush the scar with honey
The best remedies are often found in our cupboards. To remove blemishes on your skin, apply honey on it and leave it for 20 minutes. Afterwards, rinse until your skin is completely clean. If you have oily skin, add an egg yolk to the honey and brush your skin with this mixture.

The do's and the don't's

Scars can leave indelible marks if they are not treated quickly. Find out what to do or not to quickly eliminate these traces of imperfection.

What you should not do :

  • Tweak the buttons
  • Treating scars while acne is not completely cured
  • Carry out a dermatological procedure without expert advice
  • Make a medical decision for yourself

What to do :

  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle
  • Consult a dermatologist to find the right treatment
  • Protect yourself from the sun during treatment

When you decide to follow a treatment, wait until you see the results instead of switching from one method to another. Discover our Act-5 formula, an anti-spot and anti-imperfection treatment from Nubiance, to quickly regain beautiful skin!

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