Skincare: winter essentials

Skincare : les indispensables de l'hiver

The cold and dry winter air are not a gift for our skin. As soon as the cold season begins we are prone to dryness, redness and tightness. How to pamper your skin throughout the winter to keep it glowing with health and beauty? We provide you with all the essentials to have in your beauty kit in this article!

How does winter torment our skin?

The aggressions of winter such as cold, wind and heating tend to weaken the skin. But there are two situations that make aggression worse, such as facing extreme conditions when riding a motorcycle or going skiing in the mountains. Likewise, every day when the skin experiences a sudden change in temperature between the winter cold outside and the warmth emanating from your heating.

The body tries as well as it can to maintain a constant temperature. For this, it goes into antifreeze mode pushing the blood vessels to dilate further. And this is particularly noticeable on the thin and fragile areas of the skin, on the face. Hence the red cheeks effect during the winter. Worse still, it leads to unparalleled skin dehydration.

You should know that the cold of winter destroys the hydrolipidic barrier, making the skin dry, rough and cracked. At the same time, the production of sebum decreases and the little that remains becomes less liquid. You end up with totally dehydrated skin.

What measures to take against the winter cold?

It is necessary at all costs to protect the skin from the cold by wrapping it in a solid barrier. From the first drops in temperature, the skin must be intensely nourished and hydrated. At the same time, cell regeneration must be boosted to keep skin fresh, smooth, soft and luminous. Here is a list of products that you should adopt on a daily basis:

A creamier cleanser : faced with a dry and hostile climate, you have to swap your foaming cleanser with a richer and creamier product. Instead, try a milk, cream, or oil that gently removes makeup from the face .

An effective exfoliating product : during the winter, it is more than essential to help the skin get rid of dead cells and toxins to help it regenerate better. You can use our AHA exfoliating gel which combines chemical and mechanical exfoliation to boost cell renewal without rushing the skin.

A solar filter : UVB rays remain present even when the sun does not burn as in summer. It is advisable to use a cream with an SPF of at least 30 to protect yourself from sun damage such as burning, overproduction of melanin and the appearance of hyperpigmentation spots.

A nourishing mask : if you have to reduce the frequency of exfoliation a little, you have to increase the frequency of the masks. The skin needs more than enough nourishment, hydration and repair in the face of the cold.

Good hydration : hydration is the last step and not the least to take care of your skin in winter. Use a cream that deeply hydrates while protecting the skin from free radicals. Also, remember to take special care of sensitive areas like the eye area , lips , and hands.

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