Use a unifying milk on black or mixed skin

Utiliser un lait unifiant sur peau noire ou métissée

Dry and rough skin, with pigment spots and an uneven complexion. It can happen to anyone ! HRB-3 moisturizing, unifying and anti-dark spot body milk takes care of you! With it, which you can apply daily to have perfect skin.

How does our HRB-3 body milk work?

Skin with imperfections or covered in spots is often dehydrated skin that reacts. This HRB-3 body milk deeply hydrates your skin, forming a protective veil all day long. Your skin is then protected from external aggressions such as sun rays, pollution, friction, etc.

Constantly subjected to aggression, the skin becomes dry and heterogeneous. Hyperpigmentation spots appear, especially on areas subject to friction such as knees, elbows and legs. These spots are typical of Nubian skin which is often subject to irritation, acne spots and the scars that these leave.

It's no wonder that hyperpigmented areas become larger. It must be admitted, this aspect of the skin is very unsightly. By using this body milk, your skin is enveloped by a film of hydration which nourishes and protects it. Better yet, after just 1 month of use, the skin becomes even, smooth and soft.

Indeed, this product guarantees long-lasting hydration, helps regulate the production of melanin at the origin of skin pigmentation and to top it off, it penetrates easily without leaving a greasy film.

The main ingredients of HRB-3 body milk

Thanks to 3 powerful active ingredients, HRB-3 body milk fulfills its function wonderfully. It actually contains:

Hexylresorcinol : its function is to correct hyperpigmentation spots. It is an active ingredient that resembles a lipid to form an occlusive layer on the epidermis. Thus, it traps humidity preventing water from evaporating. Then, it forms a protective barrier against external aggression.

Niacinamide : this vitamin B3 also reduces pigment spots thanks to its antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It fights free radicals that cause dark spots, wrinkles and loss of radiance. Niacinamide also promotes lipid production to create a healthy skin barrier away from imperfections like hyperpigmentation spots.

Shea butter : it is excellent nourishing to combat dry, rough and blemished skin. Indeed, it softens and hydrates the skin, improves elasticity and corrects imperfections.

How to use HRB-3 body milk?

It is recommended to apply HRB-3 body milk every day, morning or evening depending on your convenience. Apply it to clean, dry skin after showering. You can emphasize the darker areas like the elbows and knees . You will notice that after just a few weeks of use, your skin will be perfectly hydrated, even and smooth. The irregular and heterogeneous areas will gradually fade until your skin is completely unified. On the other hand, if you notice a burn or irritation, you should avoid using the product.

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