5 things to know about our ACT-5 anti-blemish treatment

5 choses à savoir sur notre soin anti-imperfections ACT-5

The spots and scars left by pimples are very difficult to eliminate and this is even more true when the skin contains a lot of melanin like dark, black and mixed skin. As a specialist in anti-blemish care for Nubian skin, we have therefore designed and developed an intense "ACT-5" anti-blemish care to help you get rid of your acne and dark spots. Read on to discover the ingredients, actions and how to use this miraculous treatment!


Where do skin imperfections come from?

On a daily basis, our skin is constantly subjected to attacks and traumas which sometimes leave marks. The consequences of its attacks are the appearance of raised red or brown spots. They are caused by the inflammation of acne pimples and the scars can be more or less deep depending on the layer of the skin affected by the inflammation.

Naturally, the skin is able to repair itself through the process of cell regeneration. But when the wound is deep and tissue is damaged, the inflammation often leaves an unsightly mark. Fortunately, for every problem, there is always a solution.

At Nubiance you will find an intense anti-blemish and anti-dark spot treatment: ACT-5 . Thanks to powerful active ingredients, it repairs and hydrates the skin for a flawless complexion! Here are 5 things you absolutely need to know about our ACT-5 skincare.

  • It prevents the appearance of pimples

The main cause of blemishes is acne pimples that invade the face due to overproduction of sebum, hormonal change or poor diet. The primary goal of our ACT-5 anti-blemish treatment is to regulate sebum production to prevent the appearance of pimples and comedones. Thanks to its light texture and delicate fragrance, this cream penetrates easily into the skin, without leaving a greasy film.

If you have acne-prone skin, know that ACT-5 has been formulated especially for combination to oily skin. Universal, it is also suitable for all other types of skin prone to imperfections.

  • It corrects residual spots on the skin

When the pimples ignite, they very often leave spots or more or less deep scars on the skin. Thanks to a powerful dermatological ingredient: hexylresorcinol or Synovea® HR , our ACT-5 treatment effectively corrects the pigment spots left by acne pimples. This treatment acts at the source of the problem to reduce post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation of the skin.

And that's not all because it also helps to maintain a good quality of sebum to avoid overloading the skin in case of overproduction or even drying it out in case of underproduction. This keeps the skin perfectly hydrated, smooth and unified.

  • It soothes the skin in case of inflammation

The appearance of post-acne hyperpigmentation spots is a completely normal reaction for damaged skin. But before even correcting these spots, the skin must first be soothed. Thanks to Bakuchiol , its main ingredient, ACT-5 soothes the scars left by acne pimples, reduces blemishes and smoothes skin texture.

Indeed, this active ingredient is a natural alternative to retinol and has, in contrast to the latter, soothing properties. It also helps protect the skin against oxidation, smooth it and treat or prevent the bacterial proliferation that causes inflammation. Also, unlike retinol, bakuchiol is not a photosensitizing active ingredient, which makes post-application sun exposure less dangerous.

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  • It hydrates the skin deeply

Problem skin is often skin that lacks hydration. Thus, it becomes a fertile ground for the proliferation of microbes and bacteria. This can be very quickly accentuated by excess sebum and pollution particles that accumulate on the skin. This is why it is important to establish a good anti-dark spot routine in order to prevent and reduce any signs of hyperpigmentation. Our ACT-5 product contains a dermatological ingredient that deeply hydrates the skin: isosorbide dilinoleate or Hydra Synol® IDL .

Derived from green chemistry, this powerful active ingredient also strengthens the hydrolipidic barrier . Your skin will then be protected from dehydration, excess sebum, overproduction of melanin and bacterial proliferation. Above all, don't forget this: healthy skin is above all, well-hydrated skin!

  • Daily use for best results

For optimal results, it is recommended to use ACT-5 morning and evening. For this, it is necessary to properly clean the skin because the layers of impurities prevent the care from penetrating and from acting correctly. For a successful cleaning step, you can use:

  • Our micellar water that gently removes makeup residue while toning the skin.
  • Our Cleanactyl anti-blemish cleansing gel that gently cleanses acne-prone skin. With a neutral pH, it also does not contain soap which risks attacking the skin.
  • Our exfoliating gel to unclog skin and pores once or twice a week. Indeed, acne pimples usually come from pimples clogged with impurities.

Once your skin is perfectly cleansed and dry, you can apply the ACT-5 Intense Anti-Imperfections Care , while gently massaging the skin to make it penetrate deeply.

Versatile and universal, this anti-acne and anti-blemish treatment is suitable for all skin types from the age of 12.

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