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Dépigmentation de la peau : Les essentiels à connaître

Comment réagir face aux taches cutanées blanches et comprendre les origines de la dépigmentation de la peau ? Quels sont les soins anti-taches à privilégier pour maintenir une pigmentation optimale ?

Brown spots: Nubiance, the gentle way to radiant skin

Who doesn't dream of having radiant, even and flawless skin ? Dark spots , whether due to the sun, age or other factors, can sometimes tarnish this quest for skin perfection.

How to avoid spots during pregnancy?

Get rid of melasma on black, mestizo and matte skin requires following a regular morning and evening routine. Some pregnant women will bet on natural homemade recipes, others will opt for more aggressive treatments such as laser...

Peeling of the skin: what to do?

My skin peels when I do treatments, is this normal? The answer is yes ! Flaking of the skin is a natural phenomenon and can occur for various reasons: an allergy to cosmetic products ,...

Korean layering: 10 steps to follow

How to have the same skin that Korean ? This question has probably crossed your mind before. If you follow the Tiktok trends you are aware that the K beauty has the wind in its sails! To have this effect glass...

How to remove the pregnancy mask on black skin?

Are you a future mother and afraid of seeing a pregnancy mask appear ? Or, have you already given birth and find that it does not subside over time? Either way, you've come to the...

How to treat keratosis pilaris on black skin?

At the sight of this name, you may be frowning. This term is rarely used in everyday language. And yet, keratosis pilaris is a frequent dermatological disease in children, adolescents and, in some cases, in...

Acne flare-up: how to avoid the rebound effect?

The rebound effect occurs after the summer and causes an outbreak of acne pimples on black skin. How to avoid it? Answers in this article.

8 tips for radiant skin in the summer

We all know the harmful effects of high heat on the skin. Ultraviolet rays dry out the skin and disrupt melanin production. To protect itself, the skin thickens and can no longer get rid of...
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