Anti-dark circle treatment: 5 effective active ingredients!

Traitement anticerne : 5 actifs efficaces !

Dark circles , blue circles, bags , sunken eye contour , wrinkles, crow's feet... All these problems give a tired look to the eyes and turn them off. Are you looking for an effective anti-dark circle treatment ? Discover the active ingredients you need in a treatment!


Caffeine is an active ingredient present in coffee, tea, mate, guarana and a little in cocoa. It is renowned for its reducing effects on dark circles .

If caffeine is so popular with cosmetic brands, it is because of its many virtues. Its vasoconstrictor effects give tone to blood vessels and activate blood microcirculation.

You can use caffeine-based cosmetic products every day, morning and evening. To observe a reduction in dark circles , it must contain at least 5%. The results start to be noticeable after a few weeks.

Did you know that there are different types of dark circles? Hollow dark circles, pigmented dark circles, blue dark circles and bags. Discover their characteristics in the article: how to take care of the eye area ?

Hyaluronic acid

There's no way you've never heard of hyaluronic acid . This active ingredient has recently become the darling of skincare addicts. It is naturally present in the human body. It is located in the dermis and to a lesser extent within the epidermis.

It has moisturizing properties and acts in the layers of the epidermis to boost collagen production and prevent sagging. It is particularly effective in combating sagging of the skin and therefore filling in hollow dark circles .

Just like caffeine , it can be used every day, morning and evening. It is effective when its concentration in cosmetic products is low, less than 2%. To see the first results, you must wait between 1 and 2 months.

The bakuchiol

Bakuchiol fights against wrinkles, fine lines and loss of firmness. This active ingredient is an alternative to retinol, because it has similar properties. The only difference is that bakuchiol is more soothing. It is suitable for all skin types , especially sensitive skin, unlike retinol.

It can be applied morning and evening daily. Its effectiveness is observed when it is concentrated at a minimum of 0.5% and 2% maximum.


This difficult-to-pronounce active ingredient has antioxidant and lightening properties. It is used in cosmetics and drugstores, particularly in anti-dark circle creams to lighten the eye area .

Furthermore, it is four times more effective than hydroquinone in brightening the skin and limiting melanin production.

In cosmetic products, it is generally concentrated at 1%. You can apply it in the morning and evening every day.

Synastol® TC

Synastol is an extract of haritaki, a medicinal plant used in ancestral pharmacopoeia in India, Tibet and China. It is used in cosmetic products due to its anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties.

This superfruit extract helps reduce the appearance of dark circles and boost collagen production.

How is EYE RE-7® anti-dark circle treatment effective in removing dark circles?

The EYE RE-7® multi-corrective eye contour combines the 5 active ingredients presented above, in addition to Argireline (lifting active ingredient) and HydraSynol® DO (moisturizing active ingredient)!

It was formulated to:

  • Even out the skin and correct hyperpigmentation around the eyes;
  • Reduce puffiness;
  • Smooth and hydrate the eye contour;
  • Firm and improve the appearance of this area.

Its light texture allows easy and rapid penetration onto the skin.

Over 28 days, more than 75% of women who tested the product noticed a clear improvement in the appearance of their dark circles .

To apply it, you need to take a little product on your fingers. The equivalent of a grain of rice is sufficient. Using your little finger, apply light pressure from the inner corner of the eye to the outside.

What ingredients should you avoid putting around your eyes?

The eye area is a thin and fragile area. We recommend that you use a treatment suitable for this area and avoid creams that are too heavy. Remember to carefully check the composition of the products.

Avoid applying essential oils and products containing salicylic acid or fruit acids .

The eye care you choose should not contain perfume as this could cause irritation and redness.

When using unifying treatments, remember to protect your skin with an SPF 50 sunscreen in summer and winter. Wearing sunglasses is strongly recommended before any exposure to the sun.

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