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Burning under the armpits: what are the causes and how to remedy them?

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Axiclar® is the specific treatment to find soft and uniform armpits. Its unique formula hydrates the skin, corrects spots and masks bad odors, ensuring long-lasting results after just a few weeks of use.
Brûlures sous les aisselles : quelles sont les causes et comment y remédier ?

Unsuitable hair removal techniques, chemical deodorants and certain dermatological diseases are the cause of burns under the armpits . To remedy this, it is essential to understand the factors behind these irritations and apply moisturizers to soothe this area and reduce hyperpigmentation.

What are the causes of burning in the armpits?


Areas of the body where the skin folds in on itself are prone to irritation and burning. They occur especially in people who play sports and wear tight clothes. In summer, the armpits become more irritated due to humidity.

heat rash

Intense heat and perspiration promote the appearance of heat rashes in the armpits. This benign condition is natural. This phenomenon appears so that the skin evacuates the perspiration which is blocked under the epidermis.

contact dermatitis

This inflammation is triggered by contact with an irritant. It can be deodorant, depilatory product, perfumes or clothes. It is accompanied by redness and itching.

Hair removal techniques

The application of depilatory creams, dry shaving with a razor, electric epilator are techniques that can burn the armpits. Waxing performed by an experienced beautician avoids irritation.

atopic eczema

It is recognized by the presence of redness in the armpits. It is accompanied by itching. Factors that cause eczema flare-ups are pollen, animal hair, dust mites, wool, chlorinated water, perfumes, stress, perspiration, etc.

seborrheic dermatitis

This dermatological disease is manifested by the presence of red patches in the areas where the sebaceous glands produce the most sebum. It causes itching and flaking.


It develops in the most humid areas of the skin. It can come from a rash, peeling, itching, and swelling. Hot and humid climates, tight synthetic underwear, lack of hygiene, weakened immune system, etc., can be the cause.


This skin condition is a kind of mycosis. It takes on the appearance of a red spot that forms and extends to the edges. They may be covered with scales or ulcers.

How to treat a burn in the armpit?

Underarm burns cause hyperpigmentation in this area. It takes some time to regain normal skin color. To reduce dark armpits, we recommend using Axiclar care.

This alcohol-free anti-dark spot treatment helps regulate the overproduction of melanin in the armpits, while moisturizing the skin.

To use it, it must be applied under the arms once or twice a day while targeting the pigmented areas.

To speed up the healing process and relieve underarm burning , you can apply these natural remedies:

  • Cool the affected area: you can apply cold compresses or ice cubes wrapped in a clean cloth for a few minutes. This will reduce inflammation and ease pain;
  • Moisturize regularly: Keep the skin well hydrated by applying a soothing cream or gel, such as aloe vera or arnica gel. These products have anti-inflammatory properties and help speed healing;
  • Use cucumber gel: Cucumber has moisturizing and soothing properties that can relieve burning. Apply fresh cucumber gel to irritated skin and leave on for about 20 minutes before rinsing.

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