How to properly remove make-up from your skin?

Comment bien démaquiller sa peau ?

Make-up removal is a key step in the beauty ritual because it frees the skin of all the impurities that have accumulated there during the day. Moreover, the care products that we apply to our skin only act correctly if the latter is perfectly cleansed. Here are the different steps to follow to remove make-up from your face properly and prepare it to receive all your treatments.

What are the key stages of make-up removal?

When they are not removed in the evening before bedtime, make-up residues, particles of pollution, sweat, sebum and dead skin accumulate and become embedded in the skin. They then clog the pores and can dull your complexion, cause the appearance of pigment spots and be the cause of premature signs of skin aging .

Thus, to properly wash your face, you must first wash your hands to avoid contaminating the skin with germs and bacteria. Then, all you have to do is remove make-up step by step to thoroughly cleanse, purify and protect your skin.

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  1. Start by removing make-up from the eyes and lips

The skin around the eyes and on the lips is very thin. It is therefore very sensitive. So, it is necessary to remove the make-up and any residue of impurities with delicacy. Micellar waters and cleansing oils are ideal for these areas because they are soft, rich and non-aggressive. To do this, simply apply your micellar water or your oil using a cotton ball, on the lips or around the eyes, without rubbing.

Leave on for a few seconds, tapping lightly before wiping gently. Finally, slide the cotton down to remove makeup residue and repeat the action until the cotton is completely clean.

  1. Remove make-up from the rest of the face

The make-up remover is applied using a cotton ball or directly to the fingers for certain formulas. However, it is important not to rub the skin at the risk of attacking it. According to the advice of beauty professionals, it is better to make gentle circular movements from top to bottom to remove impurities. Be especially careful not to bring the dirt towards the eye area.

  1. Deeply cleanse your skin

After removing makeup from your face, it's important to rinse your skin even if you're using a leave-in product . Indeed, a makeup remover always leaves residue on the face which may not be beneficial for the skin. It is best to rinse the skin with cold water to stimulate blood circulation, tighten pores and give your complexion a boost of radiance.

  1. Exfoliate regularly to remove dead cells

A make-up remover and a cleanser are not enough to remove all impurities from the skin. To unclog dead cells , it is best to exfoliate once or twice a week after removing make-up and cleansing the face. If the particles of pollution, perspiration and dead cells pile up on the epidermis, they risk clogging the pores and this will cause the appearance of acne pimples .

  1. Hydrate and nourish the skin

To complete your make-up removal, apply a tonic lotion to your face using a cotton ball, then apply your usual day care or night care.

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Which type of make-up remover to choose according to your skin type?

Not all makeup removers are created equal. Moreover, they are not used in the same way. You have to choose the format that best suits your skin.

If you have oily skin

Gels, lotions and oils can be used to remove makeup, sebum particles, pollution and perspiration morning and night. In addition, they are effective in toning the epidermis. However, care must be taken to rinse the face well after application.

If you have dry skin

Opt for rich and nourishing formulas . Thus, creamy formulas are highly recommended for removing make-up and impurities in the evening on dry skin. You can then use a cleansing cream or milk that you apply with a cotton ball. Cleansing oil is also perfect for gently removing impurities while nourishing the skin.

If you have sensitive skin

Pamper her! Neglecting it would cause undesirable reactions such as feelings of irritation and redness. We recommend that you use a soothing micellar water that will both remove make-up and cleanse your skin without irritating it . Micelliance micellar water by Nubiance contains no perfume, alcohol or colouring. It is therefore ideal for helping the skin get rid of its impurities while minimizing the risk of allergies. What's more, it perfectly maintains the pH balance of the skin and reduces the feelings of discomfort caused by aggressive cleansing. A final advantage of Micellar Water is that it can be applied to all skin types ! From the most sensitive to the oiliest, it will gently overcome impurities.

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