The art of shaving in 3 steps

L’art du rasage en 3 étapes

As warm weather approaches, it's common to be reminded that it's time to get rid of body hair . For this, several methods are available to us: wax , laser , electric epilator and razor . Shaving removes hair quickly. However, although it is the simplest, this method requires some dexterity. How to shave when you are a woman pressed for time? We tell you everything.

The 7 mistakes not to know when shaving

dry shave

This is often the method of women who get ready in a hurry (or who have not heard their alarm clock). And it is unfortunately the best way to hurt his skin. It is important to prepare it well to facilitate shaving and to apply a shaving gel .

Using a faulty razor

As soon as you notice that hairs remain stuck in the blades after rinsing, it is time to change them. Otherwise, you risk irritating your skin. Do not hesitate to throw them away after five uses.

Choose an unsuitable razor

Your razor should have 5 blades and fit your body. It is even better if it consists of pads soaked in moisturizing serum.

Not cleaning your razor after use

After using the razor, we suggest cleaning it under warm water and storing it when the blades are dry. For shaving the intimate area , you can use common household alcohol.

Shave with shower gel

Who hasn't? Shower gel is mistakenly thought to be a good alternative to shaving gel . The shower gel has been designed specifically to remove impurities from the surface of the epidermis. While shaving products are formulated with moisturizing and softening agents to optimize the cut of the hair .

Pressing her razor too hard on her skin

It won't necessarily be more efficient. In addition, you risk injuring yourself.

Bathe immediately after shaving

After shaving the bikini line , it is best to avoid swimming in the sea or in the pool. Salt and chlorine can attack the skin and promote irritation.

How to shave well when you are a woman?

Exfoliate your skin

Before exfoliating your skin, we recommend that you take a shower or a bath. Thus, the hairs will be softer and easier to remove. Afterwards, you can use a gentle exfoliating gel to prepare the skin for shaving , then remove dead cells and dirt. It is also a way to prevent the growth of ingrown hairs .

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Use a shaving gel

The shaving gel allows the razor to glide more easily over the skin and prevents irritation, cuts and tugging. On wet skin, apply a sufficient layer of gel to the area to be shaved .

The use of a shaving gel allows you to:

  • Keep the skin hydrated;
  • See which areas the razor has already passed over so as not to go over it again;
  • Protect the skin from injury;
  • Decrease the risk of rashes and redness.

If you are pregnant, we advise you to avoid creams and lotions that contain harsh chemicals.

Depending on the areas to be shaved, you must adopt a hair removal method:

  • The legs: shave lightly starting with the ankles;
  • Armpits: shave in all directions where the hair grows;
  • The bikini area: first shave in the direction of the hair growth, then in the opposite direction of the hair for a close shave.

Apply moisturizer

When you get out of the shower, pat your skin dry with a towel gently over the shaved area.

At this point, your skin is irritated and needs to be soothed. For this, you must use a moisturizer . We recommend that you avoid perfumed products that contain alcohol.

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These tips will allow you to be quiet for several days. However, if you suffer from keratosis pilaris , it is better to opt for other hair removal methods such as wax or laser.

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