5 things to know about anti-dark spot serum

5 choses à savoir sur le sérum anti-taches

Pigment spots affect more than one person and it is not always easy to get rid of them gently and without side effects. Using a product that simultaneously exfoliates the skin, evens out the complexion and fades dark spots will guarantee you a satisfactory result over time. Discover without delay 5 advantages of our anti-stain serum with fruit acids!

1. It controls melanin production

Black or mixed skins produce more melanin than Caucasian skins. It is an advantage when this molecule helps the skin to protect itself and tan easily during the summer. But when the skin is attacked, it produces more melanin. The melanin level is then no longer controlled and hyperpigmentation spots appear on the face and/or on the body. The HRB-3 serum intervenes precisely to regulate this production of melanin in order to prevent the appearance of hyperpigmentation spots , thanks to its main ingredient: Hexylresorcinol.

2. It provides a gentle peeling effect

Stains accumulate on the skin when it is neither properly nor sufficiently cleansed. This can lead to an accumulation of dead skin on the surface of the epidermis. This mechanic is responsible for dullness and loss of uniformity. By penetrating deep into the epidermis, HRB-3 anti-dark spot serum with glycolic acids eliminates dead cells and stimulates cell renewal. Its gentle peeling effect makes the skin smoother and unified, the skin texture is then improved. Beware, however, of sensitive skin that is very reactive to the use of fruit acids .

Anti-Dark Spot Serum HRB-3 With AHAs, 30ml

3. It soothes and hydrates the skin

When the skin is dehydrated and poorly nourished, it reacts badly to external aggressions. Thus, the use of nourishing and moisturizing care is essential. To counterbalance the peeling effect of the serum which could be too aggressive for the skin, we have included niacinamide. Recognized for hydrating and soothing skin suffering from numerous imperfections such as hyperpigmentation spots, wrinkles and pimples, this ingredient will be the restorative touch of softness in your anti-blemish care.

4. It protects against all attacks

Unlike creams, serums are easily absorbed by the skin giving them a faster and deeper action. Our HRB-3 treatment contains dermatological ingredients that help correct the appearance of spots due to sunburn , acne scars , skin aging or hormonal imbalance. It is very rich in active ingredients and contains neither perfume nor preservative. A real shield for your skin.

5. A clear and precise mode of use

It is advisable to apply this spot corrector to the areas of the body concerned, every evening, on clean, dry skin. In order for the product to penetrate well into the skin, you can perform light circular massages with your finger. The cure must last 10 to 15 days per month until the pigment spots disappear completely. However, avoid applying the serum to the eye contour , irritated or sensitized skin. It is important to note that sensitive skin does not tolerate fruit acids well. Thus, they can suffer from skin reactions such as redness, heating and tingling. Remember to try it on a small part of your skin beforehand.

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