Late acne: 10 things that make your skin worse and sensitive

Acné tardive : 10 choses qui aggravent et sensibilisent votre peau

Late acne affects ⅓ of women between the ages of 20 and 50. This skin condition is manifested by the presence of comedones , papules , pustules , and cysts . Are you affected by this skin disease and want to know the causes that aggravate the appearance of imperfections on the face ? Discover the 10 enemies of the skin and the routine to follow so that they no longer impact the state of your epidermis .

10 problems and solutions to struggle with late acne

Diet worsens late acne

Bad news: our skin betrays what we eat. Very often, we think that tasting crisps during an aperitif is a harmless act. Then a few days later, we realize that small pimples have become encrusted on our face.

To find out which foods to eat in moderation, take a look at the glycemic index. This scientific name may be scary, but knowing its meaning will help.

The glycemic index tells you if a food will raise blood sugar levels and therefore cause pimples . Fatty, sugary, starchy foods and some dairy products have a high glycemic index. While it is low for vegetables and proteins.

What should be done ?

Avoid foods with a high glycemic index or eat them at the end of a meal (in moderation). The more a food is cooked, the higher its glycemic index. For example, the glycemic index of steamed potatoes is 65. When baked, it is 95.

Fiber lowers the glycemic index of foods because it slows the passage of sugar through the blood. Example: Wholemeal bread has a lower glycemic index than white bread.

cosmetic products

Greasy, non-comedogenic makeup products clog pores and make acne worse. Similarly, harsh soap-based cleansing lotions and excessively hot water alter the skin's natural balance and amplify symptoms.

However, be careful not to confuse the appearance of pimples caused by unsuitable cosmetic products with a purge of the skin . This skin condition appears as soon as we incorporate a new beauty product into our routine. It lasts between 4 and 6 weeks while the skin regenerates.

What should be done ?

As soon as you notice an appearance of pimples after using cosmetic products, stop using it and then observe how your skin reacts.


Tobacco stimulates sebaceous secretion . As a result it aggravates acne. Furthermore, it deteriorates the quality of healing of the skin.

Apart from the appearance of pimples, smoking causes negative effects on the skin: premature aging, dull complexion, etc.

What should be done ?

Reduce your nicotine consumption so as to quit completely. If you smoke and want to quit, you may notice a temporary breakout after a while.
It is linked to a return to normal hormonal secretions and the fact that your skin releases the impurities accumulated with the smoke. Afterwards, you will regain normal skin.

Prolonged exposure to the sun

We may mistakenly believe that the sun promotes the disappearance of pimples. In summer, our skin shows less imperfections but this effect is only short-lived. As soon as the sun disappears, the acne worsens and causes a rebound effect .

This phenomenon is due to the fact that the sun promotes the thickening of the skin. This clogs the pores and prevents the production of sebum . As soon as your epidermis regains its normal thickness, the accumulated sebum rises to the surface and appears as pimples, comedones and microcysts.

What should be done ?

Avoid going out at times when the sun is strongest and protect your skin from the sun by applying sunscreen.

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Excessive and aggressive cleansing of the skin

Scrubbing your skin too hard or using an exfoliator every day is a bad idea if you want to fight acne.

What should be done ?

Perform light circular movements and exfoliate once or twice a week maximum to stimulate cell renewal.

The stress

Studies have shown that stress is one of the factors that aggravate late-onset acne . This is because anxiety can destabilize the body's hormonal functioning. It causes the production of hormones such as cortisol and therefore aggravates acne.

Stress-induced acne comes in the form of blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples.

What should be done ?

The regular practice of a sport secretes endorphins (the hormones of well-being) and helps you to relax.

Certain foods like fresh fruits and nuts help channel anxiety. If you often drink caffeinated beverages, reduce their intake.

Insufficient cleansing of the epidermis

After a sports session, it is necessary to cleanse your skin of all that it may have accumulated: sweat, sebum, bacteria, pollution, etc.

Before sleeping, you must take the time to remove make-up and cleanse your skin to free it of all its impurities and prevent the appearance of imperfections .

What should be done ?

Get our complete anti-blemish range made up of four hygiene and care products to treat late-onset acne problems.

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Touching his pimples

Dermatologists recommend not popping her pimples . For what ? This makes the problem worse, because not only are you damaging your skin, but you're also making the inflammation worse. Result: you end up with scars that take several weeks or even months to leave.

What should be done ?

Adopt a routine adapted to your skin and arm yourself with patience. If the problem persists, see a dermatologist.


Pillowcases and sheets are breeding grounds for bacteria. They accumulate the sebum of our hair, our dead skin , dust and generate the presence of bacteria.

What should be done ?

Since they are in contact with your skin all night long, it is essential to change them at least once a week.

Certain means of contraception

Some contraceptives make existing acne worse if they are not matched to a woman's hormonal profile.

Often the birth control that amplifies skin problems are progestin-only pills because they only contain progesterone.

This hormone stimulates the sebaceous gland responsible for the production of sebum and causes the appearance of pimples.

What should be done ?

Finding a method of contraception adapted to your hormonal profile can take time. To choose the choose, we suggest that you seek advice from a gynecologist.

You now know the factors that aggravate late-onset acne . Depending on your case, apply the advice shared and in the article, maintain a good routine and be patient. If this skin condition persists, do not hesitate to visit a dermatologist.

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