How to get rid of pimples on the back?

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Many factors influence the appearance of pimples on the back : diet, tobacco, hormonal fluctuations, contraceptives, perspiration, oily deposits, etc. To get rid of it, taking antibiotics, food supplements based on zinc or burdock, and scrubs are effective. In case of severe acne on the back , doctors can prescribe drugs or creams based on vitamin A derivative. Find more explanations in this article.

Pimples on the back: how do they manifest?

Back acne affects 43% of people with acne. It affects adolescents and adults.

Just like on the face, pimples on the back come from an excess production of sebum by the sebaceous glands.

In the majority of people affected by this skin condition, they are located on the upper back, shoulders and the area between the shoulder blades. In other individuals, it can affect the entire back, up to the belt and even the buttocks.

The bacne is manifested either by large and red pimples, or comedones and sometimes small white pimples.

At a more important stage, painful nodules and abscesses may appear. In this case, we speak of acne cystic nodule. Eventually, it can leave scars.

What causes back acne?

The origins of pimples on the back are similar to those of acne on the face.


Certain foods stimulate the production of hormones that promote acne . Sugar, refined products and dairy products should be consumed in moderation. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, proteins and good fats is to be preferred.

Hormonal fluctuations

Back acne can appear when taking a new pill, during pregnancy or during menopause.

A strong secretion of progesterone and estrogen causes hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands, hence the excess sebum. When these bodily secretions clog the pores, they promote the appearance of pimples.


Humidity and wearing close-fitting clothing, especially those made of synthetic material, promote the proliferation of bacteria. In addition, they clog the pores, hence the appearance of pimples on the back . It is preferable to favor the wearing of cotton clothes and not too tight.

Oily deposits

When you do hair care, products such as oils or conditioners can leave a greasy film on your back and clog your pores.

Remember to clean it well with a bar without superfatted soap or a shower gel with antibacterial ingredients such as tea tree essential oil. The ideal would be to wash the hair before attacking the part of the body.

Avoid soaps that dry out the skin and can promote sebum production.

The lack of hygiene

During the night, your body deposits dead cells on your sheets, blankets and towels. It is essential to change and wash them regularly in order to reduce the number of contacts with bacteria. We suggest choosing a mild, unscented detergent to avoid any irritation on your skin and causing pimples on your back .

At the same time, do not hesitate to take a shower in the morning and evening with suitable products.


We often forget it, but heredity can be one of the causes of the presence of acne, whether on the face or the back.

How to get rid of pimples on the back?

As with any skin problem , there is no miracle solution. However, proper treatment and a regular skincare routine can help you get rid of back pimples.

AHA and BHA products

Your skin accumulates dead skin cells and these clog the pores and cause the appearance of pimples. The AHA is an exfoliant that will remove dead skin. As for the BHA, it will allow the deep cleaning of the pores. These two products combined together are effective in eradicating pimples on the back .

Taking antibiotics

For severe acne , dermatologists may recommend taking isotretinoin. This medication is taken orally and requires medical supervision. It is effective, but may cause side effects. Do not hesitate to speak to a health professional if you wish to follow this type of treatment.

Local treatments

The doctor may prescribe a gel or cream based on vitamin A derivative or benzoyl peroxide. To see the first results, you have to wait between two and three months.

salicylic acid

This ingredient is effective in fighting skin blemishes . Its astringent and antiseptic properties help remove dead cells accumulated on the epidermis and stimulate skin renewal.

Food supplements based on zinc or burdock

Zinc is a trace element that plays a major role in the functioning of the body. It also helps to preserve the beauty and health of the skin. Its benefits are multiple: it helps the epidermis to regulate sebum production, prevents the clogging of pores, and helps the skin to breathe.

Burdock is less known, but just as effective. This robust plant of the Asteraceae family has many virtues against acne. Whether taken internally or cutaneously, it purifies the skin and prevents comedones and microcysts from degenerating.


 Last but not least: exfoliation. Performed once or twice a week, it eliminates dead cells and stimulates skin cell renewal. Exfoclear AHA Face & Body Exfoliating Gel combines fruit acids, apricot kernel powder and Swiss glacier water. A perfect combination to get rid of back pimples .

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Last tip: although it is tempting to scratch the acne pimples, we recommend that you do not do so at the risk of leaving hollow scars on your back.

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