The different types of acne and how to treat them?

Les différents types d'acné et comment les traiter ?

Think again, it's not just teenagers who suffer from acne. These unsightly pimples can take different forms and affect us at any stage of life. There are 4 types of acne : juvenile or hormonal acne, severe acne , retentional acne and inflammatory acne . These last two are the most common and require our full attention. Read on to recognize the different types of acne and treat them appropriately!

What are the different forms of acne?

It should be noted that acne is an inflammatory disease, regardless of the form found. It affects around six million French people, the majority of whom are teenagers. These blackheads generally come from a disorder of the hormones, responsible for the secretion of sebum. In case of overproduction of sebum, the pores are clogged and this leads to the appearance of comedones. If they are not taken care of in time, they can evolve into serious inflammations. Here's how acne can manifest on the skin:

Juvenile or hormonal acne

Hormonal changes lead to the appearance of pimples in adolescents with the onset of puberty. This is due to the phenomenon of hyperseborrhea which is more marked in women during menstruation, in the premenstrual period or during pregnancy.

Retentional or mycrocystic acne

This form of acne affects people at all ages when the skin is oily and prone to overproduction of sebum. Because of hyperseborrhea, the skin thickens, the pores dilate and very quickly, pimples also called microcystic appear. Retentional acne can manifest as open or closed visible lesions.

Inflammatory acne

When retentional acne progresses to inflammation, we speak of inflammatory acne. According to the opinion of dermatologists, it is caused by an imbalance of the cutaneous flora following an overproduction of sebum. You will then notice papules and pustules in the form of raised, red and painful pimples, visible mainly on the T-zone of the face.

Severe acne

When red and painful pimples are not taken care of quickly, they can cause deep lesions under the skin. They are often accompanied by cysts or nodules and become increasingly painful.

How to prevent the appearance of acne?

For acne-prone skin, it is generally recommended to limit sun exposure in an attempt to soothe pimples. This is a beautiful misconception because the sun has soothing properties that limits skin inflammation and the appearance of pimples.

However, after a long exposure to UV rays, the lesions reappear even more. This is the rebound effect . It is also forbidden to try to break the pimples since this risks worsening the inflammation and leaving indelible scars. To combine sun exposure and acne, the key is to protect your face with appropriate sun protection and avoid the hours when the sun is strongest.

What are the treatments for acne?

Fortunately, acne is not irreversible and with a few gestures and a few suitable products, it is possible to say goodbye to these unsightly pimples. The first thing to do is to adopt a healthy lifestyle: avoid stress, pollution, tobacco on the one hand, have restful sleep and a good beauty routine on the other hand. But when acne is really there, you have to act! Here are some habits you can adopt to heal skin lesions and improve the appearance of the skin.

Gentle and sebum-regulating cleansing

It is important to get rid of all the impurities that lodge on the face. The goal is to purify the skin to control sebum production and remove all impurities without drying or irritating the face. You can cleanse your face in the morning and know with our high tolerance micellar water, which does not contain alcohol, coloring or perfume. You can use Micelliance to remove makeup from the face and eyes.

For deep cleaning, you can use our Cleanactyl cleansing gel. This is an anti-blemish gel that purifies the skin, rebalances the epidermis, tightens the pores, moisturizes the skin...all this to limit microbial proliferation. Your skin will be in perfect health and radiant with beauty.

Intense anti-blemish care

Our Act-5 treatment is very effective in the fight against acne, whatever its form. Above all, it regulates the production of sebum. When sebum and all kinds of impurities accumulate on the skin, it becomes a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Hence the inflammation of acne pimples. Act-5 helps to:

  • preserve sebum quality
  • strengthen the skin barrier
  • moisturize the skin
  • reduce hyperpigmentation

In short, this cleansing and purifying duo is perfect for smoothing skin texture, tightening pores and reducing spots left by acne pimples.

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