How to treat ingrown hair on the bikini line?

Comment traiter les poils incarnés sur le maillot ?

They itch, they look unsightly and they prevent us from being comfortable in a bathing suit. You guessed it, it is indeed ingrown hairs on the bikini line ! To treat them, there are several methods. You have the choice between applying a specific (and super effective) cream for this area, green clay or essential oils.

How to remove ingrown hair on bikini line?

As summer approaches, we all think of ways to sculpt a “summer body”. Then comes the time to try on bikinis. It is often at this precise moment that we realize (a little late) that our jersey also needs an update.

Ingrown hairs , hyperpigmentation and visible scars make us want to spend the summer sitting in a corner of the beach. But basically, that's not what you want. Here are the solutions that will help you get rid of these blemishes.

Apply a cream formulated for the care of the bikini area

To reduce skin conditions related to your external private parts , your BFP (Best product forever) is called Melintim® .

By applying this treatment once or twice a day to the area to be treated, you will observe:

  • A decrease in pimples and ingrown hairs on the bikini line ;
  • Smoother, hydrated and even skin;
  • An alleviation of itching.

In addition, the product is very well rated on Yuka (100/100) and INCI (16.3/20). It would be a shame to deprive yourself !

Apply green clay

Among all the clays, green clay is the most widespread and popular beauty ingredient due to its numerous benefits. Moreover, it is one of the essentials to have in your bathroom.

As soon as you see an ingrown hair on the bikini line , apply a thick layer of green clay and leave on for 5 to 10 minutes. In general, the hair comes to the surface afterwards. You can then remove it with clean, disinfected tweezers .

Exfoliate the bikini area

In this area, the skin is thinner, so choose a scrub with fine grains such as Exfoclear exfoliating gel .

On wet skin, apply the exfoliating gel, then perform circular movements on the area to be treated. You can do this once or twice a week.

Exfoliating the skin promotes the extraction of the ingrown hair . You can complete the exfoliation by applying Mélintim cream.

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Soften your skin with a warm, damp compress

After wetting the compress, lay it on the area where the ingrown hairs are. The dilation of the pores allows the hair to come out of the skin. Then remove them with clean, disinfected tweezers .

Apply essential oils

Thyme and eucalyptus oils are effective in softening the skin. We advise you to mix one of the oils with a vegetable oil, then apply the preparation to the parts concerned.

How to avoid ingrown pubic hair?

There are different ways to avoid the appearance of ingrown hairs on the bikini line:

  • Exfoliate your skin before waxing to get rid of dead skin that can clog the hair follicle and cause ingrown hairs to appear;
  • Favor the wearing of loose clothing to limit excessive perspiration which can be the cause of hyperpigmentation and ingrown hairs;
  • Hydrate your skin regularly with a moisturizer . Dry skin can cause hair to grow under the skin ;
  • Use a razor with fine blades and change it after 5 uses to limit appearances;
  • Shave or wax in the direction of hair growth.

How to distinguish an ingrown hair from a cyst?

Cysts and ingrown hairs can be confused because they look like pimples forming under the skin. However, you can distinguish them by the following characteristics:

  • Appearance: Ingrown hairs grow under the skin, while cysts are fluid-filled balls. They are bigger and more visible.
  • Pain: ingrown hairs are not painful. A slight sensitivity may be felt when you touch them. While cysts hurt especially if they are infected and inflamed;
  • Symptoms: Ingrown hairs can be itchy . Cysts are accompanied by redness, pain, swelling, and fluid discharge.

We recommend that you go see a dermatologist to confirm the nature of your skin condition on the jersey. He will also be able to offer you an appropriate treatment.

Does the ingrown hair go away on its own?

An ingrown hair can disappear without treatment. However, you have to wait. On some skins, it may take one to two weeks to leave. While on others, it can take between six months and a year.

If you have the patience to make it go away without performing any treatment, we advise you to avoid shaving and scratching. Thus, you speed up the healing process.

When to worry about an ingrown hair?

Ingrown hairs are usually benign conditions. They disappear on their own or with appropriate treatments. However, if you notice any of the symptoms listed below, we advise you to consult a dermatologist or doctor:

  • The ingrown hair grows, becomes painful and is accompanied by fever. This may indicate an infection;
  • It grows to the point of forming a nodule or cyst;
  • People who have skin problems such as cystic acne, lupus, psoriasis or an infection of the immune system should consult a specialist to prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs and to treat them.

Treating ingrown hairs on the bikini line is not complicated. With the right routine and the right products, this skin problem will be just a bad memory.

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