Sebaceous filaments: how do they differ from blackheads?

Filaments sébacés  vs points noirs

In the family of “imperfections that we could well do without” , we have the sebaceous filaments and their false twins, the blackheads . Although in appearance they appear to be nearly identical, they differ in many respects. Do you want to know more about their characteristics and above all discover the routine to follow to reduce them? Follow the leader !

The characteristics of sebaceous filaments

Sebaceous filaments look like white or yellowish threads. They are located on the areas of the face that secrete the most sebum, especially the T zone (forehead, nose and chin). They are mostly seen in people who have oily skin. Indeed, you can see their appearance when the pores fill with sebum and dilate.

They consist of fat produced by the sebaceous glands (an organ located in the dermis and responsible for the secretion of sebum), dead cells and bacteria.

Their presence allows sebum to reach the surface of the skin to nourish it and protect it from dehydration and external aggressions.

The characteristics of blackheads

Blackheads, also called “comedones” look like sebaceous filaments and are located on the same areas of the face and sometimes on the back. However, they differ because of their dark tips. Their color change is due to the oxidation of fatty acids in contact with air.

They occur following a skin disorder. They appear with acne and are the consequence of an accumulation of sebum and dead cells. These clog the pores and prevent the sebum from flowing normally.

They often appear on combination and oily skin , but can be seen on dry, normal, and dehydrated skin. They spare no one!

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What are the origins of these imperfections?

Many factors influence the appearance of comedones on the face :

  • Poor hygiene. This results in too much food and/or a lack of sleep;
  • An unsuitable or non-existent routine. Forgetting to remove make-up at night promotes the proliferation of bacteria. When they are accumulated with excess sebum and dead skin, this causes the presence of comedones;
  • Hormonal changes;
  • Strong sun exposure;
  • Non-comedogenic cosmetic products.

How to treat sebaceous filaments and blackheads?

Bad habits to get rid of

Are you wondering if it is possible to remove them on your own? The answer is no. At least, it is strongly discouraged. We know you know it. We also know you do it anyway :). Let us convince you to get rid of this bad habit that is harming your skin!

Even if you remove the sebaceous filaments , they will come back 30 days later, or even less in people who have very oily skin. In addition, by removing them with your fingers, you risk enlarging the pores and aggravating your case.

As for blackheads, dermatologists recommend not removing them alone. Often, the bad reflex that we have is to remove them without washing our hands and without having disinfected the skin beforehand. Consequence: it turns into an acne pimple.

The routine to reduce the appearance of sebaceous filaments and blackheads

To reduce the appearance of these blemishes, you should use products that regulate sebum production and reduce pore congestion.

In addition, products containing niacinamide are effective in reducing the appearance of sebaceous filaments . As for blackheads, they can be eliminated thanks to exfoliating acids.

Our range consists of products formulated to overcome imperfections. Step by step, here is the routine to follow to reduce sebaceous filaments:

  1. Every day, remove makeup from your skin with Micelliance micellar cleansing water to rid your skin of all the impurities it has accumulated.

  2. Morning and evening, cleanse your face with the anti-blemish cleansing gel . Its formulation is suitable for combination and oily skin . It gently cleanses the skin and regulates the formation of sebum.

  3. To eliminate blackheads, then apply the intense anti-blemish treatment . Its composition regulates the production of sebum and prevents the appearance of pimples and comedones.

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    To get rid of sebaceous filaments, apply products containing niacinamide such as HRB-3 anti-spot treatment , morning and evening.
  1. In addition, exfoliate with the AHA exfoliating gel to unclog deep pores, once or twice a week. You can do it after the make-up removal step.

What to remember about sebaceous filaments and blackheads

Blackheads or comedones appear as a result of an accumulation of dead cells and sebum inside the pores. Sebaceous filaments are a natural part of the skin's pore structure.

Blackheads are dark brown to black. While the sebaceous filaments are white or tend towards pale yellow.

To treat them, you should add niacinamide and exfoliating acid products to your routine.

As with all other imperfections, there is no secret. Using the right products and having a regular routine are the keys to regaining healthy skin.

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