What are the benefits of niacinamide?

Quels sont les bienfaits du niacinamide ?

Niacinamide, better known as vitamin B3, is a key ingredient in cosmetics. Present in many moisturizing and soothing formulas, it is appreciated for its countless virtues and its ability to adapt to all skin types. It helps to fight against dilated pores, unify the complexion, fade brown spots, reduce imperfections or even counter the first signs of aging!

What is niacinamide?

Niacinamide is one of three forms that vitamin B3 can take . It is a vitamin present naturally in the skin but in insufficient quantity. It has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which are essential for the health and beauty of the skin. This is why it is very often present in cosmetic formulas in order to boost the properties of the treatments developed.

As soon as it comes into contact with the skin, niacinamide stimulates cell renewal by increasing cellular energy. When the skin is continuously regenerated, it remains firm, smooth and luminous. That's not all, this star ingredient eliminates free radicals thanks to its antioxidant protection. Thus, it fights wrinkles and fine lines, loss of complexion radiance, brown spots and loss of firmness.

Finally, niacinamide also promotes skin hydration by stimulating the production of lipids. These are essential ingredients for the skin because they help create a healthy and reinforced skin barrier. The skin thus remains hydrated, clear and radiant with beauty.

To find this magic ingredient in your cosmetics, you no longer need to look very far! Now you can enjoy the benefits of niacinamide in our exfoliating and hydrating dark spot serum . This “new generation” serum soothes the skin while correcting hyperpigmentation spots . You can also find niacinamide in our Day Formula anti-dark spot cream, which also contains a powerful sunscreen to protect the skin from the aggressions of ultraviolet rays.

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What are the benefits of niacinamide for each skin type?

Like many essential ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, retinol and AHA and BHA acids , niacinamide has a lot to offer to all skin types, because it:

  • Strengthens the skin barrier by keeping water at the heart of the skin
  • Deeply hydrates the skin
  • Fights blemishes like signs of aging, dark spots, etc.
  • Regulates the production of sebum which is the cause of dilated pores and pimples such as acne.

But one of the greatest benefits of niacinamide remains the fact that its active ingredients act differently on each skin type.

Limit water loss in dehydrated skin

Dehydration can affect both dry and oily skin. Dehydrated skin struggles to retain water which tends to evaporate quickly. Niacinamide helps the skin retain moisture by strengthening the skin barrier through the production of ceramides.

Soothe dry and/or sensitive skin

Dry or sensitive skin tends to feel tight and is sometimes prone to irritation and redness. Niacinamide then stimulates the production of lipids to strengthen the skin barrier and retain skin moisture. Thus, it soothes the driest skin and accelerates healing following pimples and microcysts.

Reduce blemishes in oily skin

Oily skin is often the victim of dilated pores and acne pimples. Fortunately, they can also count on the benefits of vitamin B3 to control excess oil, tighten pores and prevent the formation of pimples.

According to the advice of dermatologists, combination to oily skin should be cleaned regularly to dislodge the impurities that clog the pores and cause these various imperfections. By using a cleansing gel and scrub containing niacinamide, you will limit the formation of pimples and post-acne scars thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Fade dark spots on skin prone to hyperpigmentation

Niacinamide is one of the most effective active ingredients for regulating the production of melanin, which causes pigment spots. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it also helps to fight against free radicals that alter the radiance of the complexion. In order to prevent and correct dark spots, we recommend that you use our niacinamide-based anti-dark spot night care daily, which will give you a rested and luminous complexion when you wake up.

Slow down skin aging in mature skin

Mature skin needs an adequate routine to maintain its firmness and density. It is therefore important to clean them regularly with a gentle cleansing gel and a non-abrasive exfoliant in order to remove as many dead cells and impurities as possible, responsible for the appearance of the signs of aging. Then, it is recommended to apply creams containing niacinamide daily. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, vitamin B3 helps firm the skin and smooth wrinkles. This stimulates the production of collagen and makes the skin denser, firmer and more supple. Also,

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