The impact of tobacco on the skin

L'impact du tabac sur la peau
We all know that tobacco has deleterious effects on health ! But it can also harm the condition and appearance of our skin . This becomes very dry and more or less discolored depending on the level of exposure to cigarette smoke or consumption. Focus on the different impacts of tobacco on the quality of our skin!

Cigarette smoke dries out the skin

It is cigarette smoke that first attacks the skin on the face and hands, then on all other parts of the body. The hard part about smoking is that it doesn't just affect smokers, but passive smokers as well . As soon as you stay in a closed room with smokers or chat for a long time with smokers outside, the smoke can reach you.

Several studies have shown that tobacco contains toxic substances that cause skin discoloration on contact with smoke . These include the tar responsible for the yellowing seen on the teeth, fingertips and face. But the cigarette filter itself is harmful on contact. Over time and exposure, the skin becomes dry and dull.

Smoking affects blood circulation

The effects of cigarettes go far beyond the external impacts on our skin. The nicotine contained in the cigarette that is ingested has more serious consequences. When you build up the nicotine level in the blood, it leads to a vasoconstriction effect. More specifically, the caliber of blood vessels decreases and blood circulation is more difficult.

All the organs including the skin are less oxygenated. This impacts all skin function including cell renewal. With an insufficient amount of oxygen, the skin loses its rosy color and the complexion becomes dull. Over time, your skin becomes less smooth, less even and less even and you will suffer from premature skin aging .

Indeed, the function of blood is to transport not only oxygen, but also all the nutrients that cells need to renew themselves and function properly. When smoking occasionally the narrowing of blood vessels is also temporary.

However, it should be noted that a cigarette can cause a vasoconstriction effect for 90 minutes. It is the same for an electronic cigarette if the e-liquid contains nicotine. If you smoke tobacco regularly, the skin cells end up no longer fulfilling their protective role. Your skin will then be less protected from external aggressions such as the sun's rays and pollution as well as free radicals.

Added to this is the high level of oxidants present in cigarette smoke . Very quickly you suffer from permanent oxidative stress.

Smoking causes premature skin aging

Tobacco consumption destroys the vitamin C naturally present in the skin. However, the latter provides important functions such as stimulating the synthesis of elastin and collagen , regulating the production of melanin and fighting free radicals. Thus, the skin loses its suppleness and firmness and wrinkles quickly set in. You will notice that smokers always have deeper wrinkles and more wrinkled skin. According to the advice of a dermatologist, it is important to use anti-aging care from the age of 30 to compensate for this damage.

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