Black skin and dull complexion: how to restore radiance to your face?

Peau noire et teint terne : comment redonner de l'éclat à son visage ?

In the fall, only one observation: the dull complexion, the face lacks radiance and uniformity. To remedy this, we have what you need! Consult this article to discover the ideal beauty routine for black, matte and mixed-race skin with loss of radiance!

What do we mean by complexion radiance?

Luminous complexion, dull complexion, dull complexion… here are descriptions that we hear and daily use when our skin looks gray. But then, what does a dapper complexion really look like?

A dapper, radiant or luminous complexion corresponds to a state where the skin is generally rested, fresh, firm, supple and plump. It is also observed that the color of the complexion is uniform without the slightest trace of pigment spots. All this is proof that the skin is in perfect health.

So, if your skin is dull, dehydrated and covered in brown spots, it's probably lacking attention. This problem generally affects black and mixed skin. The latter having a high level of melanin, they are easily prone to imperfections. Combined with oily to combination skin, pimples, acne scars and age spots set in quickly.

Why dull black skin?

It's a fact: Nubian skins are more resistant than Caucasian skins due to their melanin content. This does not mean that they do not require specific care. Moreover, dark and mixed skins are very reactive to environmental factors. And they see themselves weakened. To protect themselves, they produce more melanin and/or sebum. This phenomenon pushes the stratum corneum to thicken, which makes it very difficult for skincare to penetrate and exfoliate.

Very quickly, the overproduction of melanin becomes uncontrollable and brown spots appear. Sebum also accumulates on the surface of the epidermis and the pores become clogged. As a result, pimples form and invade the face , especially on the T-zone. If all these imperfections appear simultaneously, you risk ending up with skin covered with acne pimples, micro-scars and pimples all at the same time. Brown stains. All these attacks will also dry out the skin. It will become dry, rough, irregular and cloudy.

At the same time, your lifestyle can have a negative impact on the quality of your skin. An unbalanced rhythm, poor diet, irregular sleep , tobacco and alcohol consumption, fatigue and stress are all factors that can affect the health and beauty of the skin.

How to make your complexion uniform and glowing?

To naturally regain a rested and luminous complexion, you must first change your lifestyle. It is very important to balance your diet in order to provide the skin with all the minerals it needs. It is advisable to fill up with water-rich foods, because dull skin is above all dehydrated skin.

The skin, like all organs, also needs to recover. This is why it is important to respect a good sleep cycle and to avoid, as much as possible, the accumulation of fatigue and stress. Apart from a healthy lifestyle, you must also rigorously apply a good beauty routine. It consists of properly cleansing the skin on a daily basis , hydrating it, nourishing it and illuminating it.

  • Cleanse the skin daily

Cleanse the skin morning and night to get rid of makeup, pollution and sweat particles. For this, we suggest you use our micellar water , ideal for removing make-up from the face and even around the eyes.

There is also a cleansing and purifying gel that will deeply cleanse the skin. Cleanactyl is a very gentle care product without soap. It will gently eliminate excess sebum and traces of sweat that dull the complexion. With a purifying action, this gel prevents the appearance of pimples and the proliferation of bacteria that cause inflammation.

  • Exfoliate and nourish with a mask

Dead skin and impurities can accumulate and become difficult to remove. The accumulation of dull skin can be the cause of that dreaded dull complexion. It is therefore important to exfoliate once a week to exfoliate the skin. Nubiance offers Exfoclear exfoliating gel with neutral pH to deeply cleanse the skin and unclog pores. This also stimulates cell renewal and collagen production.

This exfoliant based on fruit acids also refines skin texture, tightens pores and refreshes the complexion. Very quickly, you will find a naturally radiant complexion.

  • Use a day care and a night care

To keep a fresh complexion, take care of the skin day and night by applying a cream or oil adapted to your skin type. For example, you can adopt our day and night anti-dark spot ritual to correct your dark spots, unify your complexion, reveal its radiance and protect it. You will find smooth, soft and unified skin after 30 days of continuous use.

We also advise you to do a 10 to 15 day cure with our anti-dark spot serum which helps control melanin production and correct dark spots thanks to its gentle peeling effect.

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