How to lighten your armpits?

Comment éclaircir ses aisselles ?

Hyperpigmentation is the number 1 problem for people with dark, mixed and black skin. Do you notice an overproduction of melanin under your arms? Do you want to know how to lighten your armpits without resorting to techniques that are harmful to your skin? Discover the routine to follow!

Why are armpits black?

In the armpits (also on the knees and elbows), the skin is thicker than on the rest of the body. Rubbing and irritation in these areas causes hyperpigmentation . This phenomenon is especially observed in people with dark skin , because they produce more melanin.

This overproduction of melanin is the cause of several factors:

  • The method of hair removal : the use of a razor or depilatory cream . They are irritating to the skin, can cause microlesions and lead to the appearance of ingrown hairs ;
  • The composition of some deodorants : those based on ethyl alcohol, perfume and aluminum, cause inflammation on sensitive skin. Products to avoid include “Alcohol Denat” or “Ethanol” in the ingredient list;
  • Wearing tight clothes : the epidermis in the armpits becomes thick on contact with clothes;
  • heredity ;
  • Contraceptive methods ;
  • certain medications ;
  • Diabetes : According to scientists, there is a link between hyperpigmentation and diabetes. People with diabetes are more likely to be affected by an overproduction of melanin, because insulin can interfere with skin pigmentation ;
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) : This condition affects hormones and causes darkening of the armpits.

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How to lighten armpits?

Exfoliate regularly

We recommend that you exfoliate once or twice a week to prevent the accumulation of dead skin and the formation of ingrown hairs .

The Exfoclear exfoliating gel made from apricot kernel powder refines skin texture and stimulates cell renewal.

In the shower, on wet skin, apply the product to the area to be treated and perform gentle circular movements, then rinse.

Correct hyperpigmentation

Next, apply an anti-stain treatment dedicated to reducing hyperpigmentation in the armpits .

Axiclar care helps regulate melanin production and hydrates the skin. This product absorbs odors.

However, it is recommended to use a deodorant during the day if you have heavy perspiration and to favor the use of Axiclar care before sleeping.

After drying your skin, apply the treatment to your armpits once or twice a day.

Take advantage of a reduction by purchasing the anti-armpit stain routine pack made up of Exfoclear and Axiclar products.

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What are the methods to avoid to lighten your armpits?

Natural methods are not necessarily the most effective. On the contrary, they can irritate the skin and cause burns.

Lemon , vinegar , or baking soda mixtures can be abrasive if used too often. If you insist on using natural products to lighten your armpits , it is better to mix an acidic ingredient with a mild ingredient. For example, you can mix lemon with aloe vera.

Do not hesitate to seek advice from a dermatologist if the problem persists.

How to prevent darkening of the armpits?

Change hair removal method

To avoid armpit darkening , it is best to use wax to pull out the hair with the bulb. This method does not require regular waxing . Your skin will therefore be less irritated.

Make scrubs

Once or twice a week, exfoliate the armpits to remove dead skin.

Wear loose clothing

Tight clothes cause irritation and increase perspiration. Choose to wear clothes in which you will feel more comfortable. Avoid synthetic fabrics and turn to cotton fabrics.

Opt for natural deodorants

Alcohol, aluminum and perfume based deodorants are harsh on sensitive skin. In pharmacies, you will have the choice between various brands of natural deodorants.

As much on the areas of the body as of the face, the hyperpigmentation of the armpits can become a source of complex. By applying these tips, you will no longer have to hide them this summer!

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