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Hyperpigmentation: how to treat brown spots on the face?

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Thanks to the Day & Night Anti-Spot Duo, Nubian skin regains radiance and luminosity of the complexion. The hyperpigmentation corrective action is supported from the morning by high sun protection and a restorative boost during sleep. The essential duo to get rid of brown spots!
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Brown spots around the mouth can be due to hyperpigmentation of the skin or when it contains too much melanin. To prevent the appearance of brown spots on the face, it is recommended not to overexpose your skin to the sun without appropriate protection and to treat the inflammation or disease, if this is the case, as quickly as possible.

If, however, hyperpigmentation around the mouth is already present, solutions exist to reduce it and even out the skin. Discover prevention and treatment advice as well as the Nubiance range for an even complexion.

What are brown spots?

The appearance of brown spots on the skin is linked to a skin pigmentation disorder. Melanocytes are the cause of skin pigmentation. These epidermal cells ensure the production of melanin, the molecule responsible for skin coloring.

When the skin is exposed to the sun, UV rays and biological mediators present in the cells stimulate the pigmentation mechanism. Melanin is then secreted by melanocytes, then distributed in the different layers of the skin, up to its surface. Sometimes melanocytes produce too much melanin, causing hyperpigmentation.

What are the causes of brown spots?

Different factors can be responsible for melanocyte dysfunction and therefore pigment spots.

Sun exposure is the main cause of the appearance of dark spots on the skin. Indeed, UV rays, and more particularly UVA rays, cause what we call skin photoaging and alter the distribution of melanin. This then concentrates on localized areas and forms solar lentigos or actinic lentigos, in other words sun spots.

Aging of the skin is also a factor favoring brown spots. In this case, they are called age spots or senile lentigos.

Free radicals are released in the body during the metabolism of oxygen. They destabilize cells and cause an oxidation reaction called free radical attack or more commonly oxidative stress. The production of free radicals can be induced by exposure to the sun, pollution, tobacco, but also anxiety, stress or an unbalanced diet. They cause an overload in skin cells which then causes premature aging, collagen degradation, imperfections and pigment spots.

Hormonal variations, mainly in women, can be responsible for brown spots. Thus, the use of a contraceptive, pregnancy and menopause are factors commonly implicated in the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Pregnant women are also affected by melasma or mask of pregnancy . It is a hypermelanosis localized on the cheekbones, forehead and above the lips.

Acne marks, mosquito bites or even burns are skin conditions that cause an inflammatory reaction. This then produces enzymes which increase the risk of brown spots upon contact with UV rays.

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How to protect yourself from it?

Here are 3 tips to protect yourself from brown spots on your body and face:

  • Protect your skin from the sun daily with a factor 50 sunscreen and avoid prolonged exposure to the sun to prevent the appearance of brown spots.
  • Exfoliate your skin regularly with a facial scrub to remove dead cells and prevent brown spots from setting in over the long term.
  • Focus on serums enriched with active ingredients to fight free radicals, pollution and dark spots like vitamin C and niacinamide.

Hyperpigmentation spot on the face: which areas and which treatments?

Hyperpigmentation around the mouth

Brown spots around the lips are generally due to a dual mechanism, like most brown spots on the body:

  • On the one hand, sun exposure, the main cause of hyperpigmentation spots on the face ,
  • On the other hand, female hormones cause melasma, also called “mask of pregnancy” when it affects pregnant women.

Other factors may be involved in the appearance of hyperpigmentation of the lips , notably age which tends to aggravate brown spots in this area. Certain skin diseases, particularly acne and acne scars , are sources of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and brown spots on the lips. Finally, there is hyperpigmentation of the lips of genetic origin, for example in black or mixed skin.

Removing dark spots on the lips usually requires specific techniques such as peeling . In addition, dermo-cosmetic treatments specifically adapted to facial hyperpigmentation in black skin help to correct, unify and protect the skin.

Hyperpigmentation on the neck

Brown spots on the skin of the neck result from the combination of skin aging and sun exposure. Indeed, the neck is an area regularly exposed to the sun and rarely protected from it. The result is a phenomenon of photoaging combining wrinkles, loss of firmness and pigment spots in the neck.

The treatment of hyperpigmentation of the neck is based on the one hand on dermo-cosmetic treatments specifically formulated to correct spots, even out the complexion and protect the skin from external aggressions. On the other hand, calling on a dermatologist to prescribe and/or carry out certain depigmenting treatments is sometimes necessary.

But before treating them, remember to systematically moisturize your neck after moisturizing your face. Likewise, apply sun protection to the face and neck to limit the effects of photoaging.

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Hyperpigmentation around the eyes

The skin around the eyes is particularly thin and sensitive to internal and external factors that cause dark spots. The sun thus plays a particularly important role in hyperpigmentation around the eyes and the appearance of dark circles. Hyperpigmentation around the eyes on black skin is more common.

Treatment of these pigment spots is offered on a case-by-case basis: dermo-cosmetic treatments formulated for hyperpigmentation help to correct, unify and protect the skin. They are used as first intention or as a follow-up to treatments prescribed and/or carried out by the dermatologist. At the same time, makeup can camouflage brown spots around the eyes.

Our EYE RE-7® treatment - Multi-corrector eye contour has an exclusive formula, based on 7 active ingredients to effectively target brown spots and dark circles. This treatment also decongests puffiness and smoothes wrinkles for a look that is brighter than ever.

What to do when brown spots appear on the body?

To reduce and eliminate brown spots on the body, it is important to follow a regular and continuous care protocol.


It is essential to promote cell renewal to erase the brown spots that appear on your body. To do this, scrubs are your best ally. Once or twice a week, take the time to exfoliate your skin.

Natural oil and serum

After daily cleansing your skin, it is important to apply a vegetable oil or lotion to eliminate dark spots. Among these, note castor oil, rosehip oil, sea buckthorn oil, Aloe Vera gel or linden floral water.

Certain essential oils mixed with a nourishing oil or moisturizer help eliminate pigment spots from the body, such as celery essential oil and carrot essential oil.

Anti-brown spot creams and cosmetics

Nowadays, it is easy to find many anti-spot creams in the cosmetic aisles. Composed of more or less concentrated exfoliating and depigmenting active ingredients, these products are essential in the treatment of hyperpigmentation and must be used for prevention, care and in addition to aesthetic treatment. The lightening active ingredients in these cosmetics will reduce the intensity of the pigmentation of spots, while the other active ingredients will improve the radiance of the complexion.

Anti-spot cosmetics are composed of lightening/depigmenting agents, antioxidants and exfoliating active ingredients which will help reduce melanin production, repair damage caused by UV rays, flake the skin, restore radiance. and help it regenerate.

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What products to combat hyperpigmentation spots on the face?

If you are looking for a combination of treatments to erase your brown spots on both the face and body, look no further! Nubiance offers you the Complete Anti-Dark Spot Face and Body Range .

In this range, you will find all HRB-3 anti-stain products:

  • The HRB-3 Anti-Dark Spot Radiance Serum which, with its AHAs, has a gentle peeling effect on pigment spots. Specially formulated for black, dark and mixed skin, this exfoliating treatment based on fruit acids effectively prevents and corrects brown spots.
  • HRB-3 Anti-Dark Spot Day Care which, with SPF30 sun protection, limits the pigmentation of brown spots caused by UV rays. This product concentrates a combination of HRB-3 active ingredients with an SPF30 sun filter.
  • The HRB-3 Anti-Dark Spot Night Treatment which, enriched with restorative superfruit extract, reduces spots and strengthens the epidermis during the night. This night treatment also stimulates the production of collagen.
  • HRB-3 Anti-Dark Spot Body Milk which corrects hyperpigmentation spots on your body and hydrates your skin thanks to shea butter and glycerin.

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