Dry skin or dehydrated skin: how to tell the difference?

Peau sèche ou peau déshydratée : comment faire la différence ?

Does your skin feel tight? Is it rough to the touch and dull in appearance? Between dry skin and dehydrated skin, it is not always easy to tell the difference. And yet, these two types of skin require different treatments. Discover in this article, the keys to identify and treat these two types of skin.

How to recognize dry skin?

Dry skin is a type of skin, characterized by genetics. It cannot be changed, but it is possible to relieve the discomfort . Dry skin is characterized by a lack of lipids. The sebaceous glands do not secrete enough sebum, this fatty substance which nourishes the skin on a daily basis.

But then, how do you know if your skin is dry? Here are the unmistakable clinical signs:

  • A feeling of discomfort since childhood: tightness, irritation, etc.
  • Peeling in cold weather, sometimes even cracks and cracks.
  • Skin that is rough to the touch and lacks softness.
  • Skin that lacks radiance and is always dull.
  • Fine and almost invisible pores.

And what about dehydrated skin?

Dehydrated skin, unlike dry skin, is not a skin type in itself. It is rather a temporary state that can affect all skin types, dry, normal, oily or combination. In short, skin dehydration can affect anyone. Dehydrated skin is skin that lacks water, it is a phenomenon that takes place at a given time, usually in winter.

How to recognize dehydrated skin? Here are the signs to look out for:

  • Tightness due to certain conditions such as a change in temperature or humidity.
  • A lack of suppleness even if the skin is soft to the touch.
  • Early fine lines and wrinkles due to lack of water.
  • Sometimes scaly skin, but never without scabs like dry skin.
  • A great reactivity to external aggressions.

How to take care of dry skin or dehydrated skin?

Dry skin needs daily nourishment . Use products that provide lipids to form a hydrolipidic barrier on the surface. Not only will your skin become comfortable, but it will be more protected against external aggressions. During the day, you can use a nourishing cream and at night, it is better to favor a serum rich in active ingredients .

Dehydrated skin is thirsty skin because it has been abused by aggressions such as the sun's rays, the wind, the cold, pollution or even an unhealthy lifestyle. To restore the proper balance of the skin barrier, you must first hydrate yourself from the inside by drinking at least 1.5 liters of water a day. Then, remember to apply a moisturizer in the morning and a recovery serum or balm at night to limit the evaporation of water .

In short, the difference lies in the hydrolipidic barrier. This thin film must have a good balance between a lipophilic film (of fat generally coming from sebum) and an aqueous film (generally composed of water and sweat. This guarantees supple, smooth and comfortable skin.

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