All about sagging skin, wrinkles and fine lines

Tout savoir sur le relâchement cutané, les rides et les ridules

Over time, the skin loses its firmness and elasticity, it's a fact! Although this is due to the body's biological aging process, the first signs of aging can show up much earlier due to external factors. A poor lifestyle, living in a dense and polluted urban area, high exposure to UV rays, or the use of unsuitable beauty products, can accelerate this process. Discover in this article, methods that work to prevent and treat sagging skin.

What are the causes of skin aging?

The cells of the skin renew themselves continuously, like those of all the organs. But over time, this process lengthens and not only! You should know that the skin is made up of structural substances like collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, which become scarce over time. However, it is these components that guarantee young, firm, supple, smooth and regular skin.

The aging process predetermined by our genes, coupled by oxidative stress and external factors, mean that our skin generally suffers a loss of volume from the age of 30. The skin loses its shape, but it takes time to show. The first apparent signs of aging are manifested in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, folds that form due to the loss of density.

You can do the face stretch test by hand. You will probably notice that the skin takes much longer to return to its original position. This is because the connective tissue begins to disorganize. It is no longer sufficiently supplied with elastin and collagen (their production decreases by 1% per year).

How does sagging skin manifest itself?

No one can escape skin aging, but this phenomenon is much more accelerated in one person than another. The slackening of the skin is more marked in people with a poor lifestyle:

You have to take care of your skin on a daily basis to keep it healthy and radiantly beautiful. Otherwise, very quickly we can notice:

  • dehydrated skin
  • expression lines
  • A distended face
  • A dull complexion
  • A tired look

The signs of skin aging first appear around the eyes and on the contours of the face. Be aware that sagging skin subsequently affects the whole body such as the neck, décolleté, hands, thighs, etc.

The best solutions to treat sagging skin

Today, aesthetic medicine is making a real revolution to combat sagging skin, smooth wrinkles and fine lines and tighten the skin.

aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine is an effective, painless solution with no side effects to regain a second youth. Among the most common techniques are the injection of botox and hyaluronic acid.

First, the botulinum toxin has a myorelaxant effect which makes it possible to tighten the muscles in order to make the folds disappear. Thereafter, wrinkles and fine lines will disappear and you will find a natural result for several months.

Then, the injection of hyaluronic acid makes it possible to recover the natural production which declines with age. This substance will then fill in the area of ​​the body that has lost volume, such as the temples, lips, cheekbones, valley of tears and chin. This filler can then be injected where you want to regain volume, for example to redefine the lips or to enhance sagging cheekbones.

An adapted beauty ritual

Resorting to drastic methods to combat sagging skin and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles is not always necessary. Sometimes, it is enough to adopt the right gestures on a daily basis and to use the appropriate products to keep skin young for longer.

Our skin reacts to external aggressions to protect itself. It protects itself against the very harmful rays of the sun by producing more melanin. Which makes the skin uneven and full of dark spots. The skin also reacts to our lifestyle, such as lack of sleep or stress . Thus, it is quickly exhausted by letting itself be invaded by wrinkles and fine lines.

All it takes is a few changes in habits to protect the skin from attacks. Then, it must be pampered with quality care. Above all, clean the skin thoroughly morning and evening to get rid of particles of pollution, traces of make-up and sweat. You can use our gentle cleansing gel and our micellar water which gently and deeply cleanse the skin without attacking it.

Also remember to exfoliate the skin once a week to remove dead skin and unclog pores. Our exfoliating and purifying gel has powerful ingredients to achieve an enzymatic and mechanical exfoliation at the same time. Once the skin has been thoroughly cleansed, apply a cream with a sunscreen. Depending on the condition of your skin, you can also use lifting products such as an anti-aging cream .

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