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Does black skin need sunscreen?

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HRB-3 Anti-Dark Spot Day Care combines anti-dark spots ingredients and SPF30 sun protection to correct and prevent hyperpigmentation. Its invisible formula leaves no white marks, no greasy finish and is non-sticky, ideal for daily use.
Les peaux noires ont-elles besoin d’une crème solaire ?

The answer is yes. Despite popular belief, black skin types do indeed need to wear sunscreen . Although they are more resistant to the effects of the sun than fair skin, they are not immune to its harmful effects following prolonged exposure.

What are the characteristics of black skin?

Black skins have a higher melanin level than other skins. Melanin is a brown pigment found in skin, body hair and hair. Its presence protects the skin from UV rays.

According to dermatologists, they absorb up to 70% of UV rays, which makes it resistant to skin cancer.

People with dark skin and who live in a temperate region will see their skin be more dehydrated than a person with white skin. It will exfoliate less well than Caucasian skin due to the low humidity. It will therefore dry out more quickly and will defend itself by producing excess sebum .

People with black and mixed-race skin therefore have oilier skin and large pores. They are also more sensitive and responsive. As soon as it is assaulted, it is more prone to leaving hyperpigmentation spots.

Finally, darker skin tones have much larger layers. Caucasian skins have up to 12 layers, while black skins have up to 22 cell layers.

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Why do black skin types need to wear sunscreen?

Black skins are not immune to premature skin aging , hyperpigmentation and sunburn after heavy sun exposure . Some people may even see burns and patches appear on the skin.

This is particularly the case for people who have a phototype 4 and 5. After a long exposure, they can see an erythema, even a melanoma developing on the skin. In individuals with phototype 6 (dark complexion), the risk is lower, but not non-existent.

It is therefore essential to wear sun protection every day and to renew the operation every two hours, especially in the event of strong exposure.

At Nubiance, the HRB 3 anti-dark spot treatment has been specially formulated to reduce pigment spots on black skin while protecting the skin from the sun. It leaves no white marks and does not stick.

Why should you wear sunscreen every day?

Many people think that it is not necessary to wear sunscreen in winter or fall. Well know that wearing sunscreen is recommended every day.

Even when there is no sun, UV can pass through the clouds. Applying sunscreen every day would prevent UVA and UVB rays from penetrating the skin and damaging it.

Studies show that people who protect their skin with sunscreen ultimately have smoother, healthier skin than those who don't. Moreover, if you observe the areas of your body that are less exposed to the sun, you will find that they are firmer and smoother.

Wearing sunscreen daily helps preserve your beauty capital and prevent skin slowing down. When you go out, don't forget to bring your sunscreen with you, so you can put it back on during the day.

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