Excess sebum on black skin: causes and solutions

Excès de sébum

This info will surprise you: sebum is not the enemy of our epidermis ! However, excess sebum on black skin can become complex when left untreated. Why does your skin produce sebum in large quantities? What skincare routine should you put in place to regulate sebum production ? Response items.

What is sebum?

Sebum is a substance secreted by the sebaceous glands of the skin. Its role is to lubricate it and prevent its dehydration . While you thought it only showed up to mess up your makeup, you'll be happy to learn that it plays a protective role for the skin.

The sebaceous glands produce sebum constantly. Besides, you may have noticed that the more you try to get rid of it, the more it comes back! It is for this reason that it is not recommended to strip the skin too often.

How do you know if you have too much sebum?

Sebum is useful for maintaining good skin hydration and protecting it from external aggressions. However, suffering from hyperseborrhoea can cause imperfections.


An overproduction of sebum can accumulate in the pores until it forms pimples. You may see two types of buttons appear:

  • Non-inflammatory pimples such as microcysts and white pimples ;
  • Inflammatory pimples such as papules, pustules and cysts.


Blackheads form in pores . They are usually located in the T zone (forehead, nose and chin). They are recognized by their black color on the surface of the skin. Their color is the consequence of the oxidation of the sebum plug in contact with air.

The sebaceous filaments

Sebaceous filaments and blackheads are often confused because these two types of imperfections are located on the same areas of the face. The difference between the two is that blackheads are dark in color and sebaceous filaments are white in color.

Dilated pores

They appear as open orifices on the surface of the skin. The more the sebaceous glands are in action, the more the pores are clogged and dilate.

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Why does my skin produce too much sebum?

Hyperseborrhea is the consequence of various causes:

  • Heredity : skin type is determined by genetics;
  • Unsuitable or new cosmetics : when you use a new product, you may notice a bleeding of the skin . This happens when the product contains ingredients based on AHA, BHA, vitamin C or retinol. These ingredients will remove all dead skin on the surface and bring out imperfections. The epidermis returns to its normal state 4 to 6 weeks later;
  • Hormones : Hormonal acne occurs during adolescence or during menstruation. Fluctuating hormones impact sebum production;
  • Dehydration of the skin : dehydrated skin will produce more fat in an attempt to retain the little water that remains on the skin;
  • Gender : men are more affected by hyperseborrhoea than women;
  • Diet : Eating foods high in saturated fat, sugar or salt leads to overproduction of sebum.

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How to treat excess sebum on black skin?

Nubiance offers a set of anti-blemish packs suitable for treating excess sebum on black skin .

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Here is the beauty routine to follow to have clear and mattified skin.

Step 1: Morning and evening, using a cotton pad, remove make-up from your skin with Micelliance micellar water until there are no traces;

Step 2: Cleanse your skin with Cleanactyl facial cleansing gel to cleanse the skin of impurities and regulate sebum production;

Step 3: Once or twice a week, exfoliate with Exfoclear exfoliating gel ;

Step 4: Apply a mask suitable for your skin type. The exposure time varies depending on the product you are using. Rely on the user guide to respect the duration indicated;

Step 5: Apply ACT-5 Anti-Blemish Intensive Care to regulate sebum production and reduce blemishes.

What hormone makes skin oily?

The skin changes under the effect of estrogens and androgens . Estrogens (female hormones) will regulate sebum production, while androgens (male hormones) will stimulate it.

This is the reason why you notice an overproduction of sebum before your period. During this phase, the level of estrogen drops and that of androgens increases.

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How to avoid excess sebum on the face?

You should use ingredients that aim to regulate sebum production. We recommend zinc and niacinamide products.

In addition to the Exfoclear exfoliating gel , you can use clay masks to mattify the skin. Following the application of matting products, the matte finish is often instantaneous, but they can cause an acne breakout . When the sebaceous glands realize that there is no more sebum on the skin, it will produce more.

Avoid stripping your skin and treat it gently. Finally, do not forget to hydrate it well.

Excess sebum on black skin is a frequent dermatological problem, especially in summer. By providing your skin with adequate care, you will see the imperfections caused by hyperseborrhoea diminish.

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